His Dark Materials Digital Prequel Novella Gets a Physical Release in September

Fans of Philip Pullman’s world of His Dark Materials will be able to add The Collectors, a prequel novella previously only available digitally, to their bookshelves.

Much as I enjoy the convenience of eBooks sometimes, there’s just no substitute for having a physical copy (much like I feel regarding movies/games). This is especially true for fans of franchises who enjoy displaying their books. As such, I’m excited to see Penguin Random House is giving Philip Pullman’s The Collectors the physical treatment.

The novella, initially released in 2015 as an ebook and audiobook, serves as a prequel to the His Dark Materials trilogy, giving readers a glimpse into the earlier life of the villainous Mrs. Coulter.

The gothic tale offers a glimpse of the girl who will become the dangerous Mrs. Coulter, a villain of Pullman’s much-loved His Dark Materials sequence. THE COLLECTORS is the perfect treat for Pullman fans and a dark and captivating entry point for new readers of His Dark Materials, now an HBO original series starring Lin-Manuel Miranda, Dafne Keen, Andrew Scott, and Ruth Wilson.

On a cold winter’s night in a college in Oxford, two men talk by the fire. Their conversation turns to two unusual pieces of art that one of them has recently added to his collection. But these pieces—a painting of a striking young woman and a bronze sculpture of a fearsome-looking monkey—are connected in mysterious and improbable ways, and the art collectors are about to be caught up in a story that has travelled time, and worlds. . . .

THE COLLECTORS will be published in a beautiful small hardcover edition and illustrated throughout by Tom Duxbury in his trademark black-and-white lino cut artwork.

His Dark Materials: The Collectors will release in hardcover on September 20, 2022.

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