New Hardcover Editions Released for Udon’s Capcom Tribute Art Books

Udon Entertainment’s Tribute books are a collection of original art created by fans, as well as Top Udon artists.  The latest collection of books come from the long beloved Capcom franchises of Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and Mega Man.  However, until very recently, they weren’t available in Hardcover.  That changes now as Udon Entertainment has released special hardcover editions of their extremely popular product. 

These Premium Hardcore Editions will feature art from top Udon illustrators Long Vo, who provided art for Street Fighter and Darkstalkers covers, and Mega Man manga artist Hitoshi Ariga who illustrated the cover for Mega Man.  

Without further ado, have a look at each cover along with a sample of what is in the books.

Mega Man




DarkstalkersTributeHC 374x506


Street Fighter

StreetFighterTribute HC

Tribute SF prev01

Tribute SF prev05 157x202

These Tribute books are available now for $59.99.  You can find out more information about purchasing these books and previewing other art by checking out the link here!

What do you think of Udon Entertainment’s Tribute books?

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