Paizo is Remastering 4 of their Pathfinder Core Books

Roleplaying fans, take note, the core Pathfinder books are getting remastered over the next year.

Paizo announced earlier this month that they have begun the process of remastering four of the Pathfinder core books. The new editions are being made for the following books:

  • Pathfinder Player Core
  • Pathfinder GM Core
  • Pathfinder Monster Core
  • Pathfinder Player Core 2

The new editions of Pathfinder Player Core and Pathfinder GM Core are expected in November 2023 while Pathfinder Monster Core and Pathfinder Player Core 2 won’t come out until sometime in 2024. The changes aren’t expected to be too major, they’re primarily intended to move Pathfinder away from the Open Game License that Wizards of the Coast received extreme backlash for trying to tamper with earlier this year. Instead, the remastered books will utilize the Open RPG Creative (ORC) License.

For those who already have the core Pathfinder books, Paizo has further explained that the original books will still be compatible with gameplay, and the remastered editions will be fully compatible with older roleplaying modules.

What do you think of Paizo remastering the core Pathfinder books? Will you be picking them up?

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