Picks From The Rack: The Shadow, Captain America, and more

Power Man and Iron Fist #3 is a really entertaining book that is growing on me.  The art style and the interaction between Danny and Luke sells this one.  Twilight Zone/Shadow is combining two genres I love. Take the character of The Shadow and put him right in The Twilight Zone? Yes please! All New Hawkeye #8 is one of the best stories with Clint and Kate Bishop.  I can’t believe I bought a Hawkeye book. Sam Wilson Captain America #8 is a great team up between Steve, Bucky, and Sam. Three guys who were shield slingers kicking ass and hey Steve is back better than ever! Howard The Duck #6 disappointed me and I hate I bought into that first half of this crossover. Lastly Transformers #52 is here and ALL HAIL OPTIMUS! Optimus is starting from the bottom but I feel as though we’re really going to see him shine cause hey, he’s a Prime. That’s my picks for the week what comics are you guys reading and do you have any suggestions for me? See you at the rack.

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-Jason The X

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