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Picks from the Rack for February 15th Captain America, Green Lanterns,...

It’s time for Picks From The Rack to make its return. Jason is back taking a look at his best comic picks this week. 

Picks From The Rack for August 31st 2016 Ms Marvel,Teenage Mutant...

What's new this week in comics? Let's hit it with some Picks From The Rack.

Picks From The Rack for July 27th 2016 Civil War 2,...

I'm back with Picks From The Rack. Lots of great books this week. Civil War 2 has the lines drawn and the fight ready to go down. Batgirl #1 has Barbara out of Burnside and planted in Tokyo for some self discovery and meeting and old friend. Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps has the Sinestro Corps enforcing the law as they see it and Hall on the search for the Corps. Titans #1 is a fun reintroduction to these longtime friends with the original Teen Titans. Nightwing #1 has Dick Grayson back in the classic costume and on his own once again showing why he's not Batman but his own man. Ms. Marvel #9 has Kamala seriously questioning Captain Marvel's orders to her and sets up the reasons behind the upcoming Champions book. Lastly Captain America #3 shows us why you should always trust Cap, you heard me, trust Steve. Let me know what you're reading and tell me what I should be reading. 

Picks from The Rack: Civil War II, Green Arrow, Han Solo...

So Picks from the Rack was huge this week. There was so much worth reading and I have to tell you about it. So come with me as I tell you about some comic books. Han Solo #1 proves I will buy any Star Wars comic so long as it says Star Wars on it. The new team of rookie ring slingers in Green Lanterns #1 has me intrigued. Oh Titans Rebith #1 how I’ve so missed this team, who the hell is that green Raven? Green Arrow #1 shows me that Ollie does vigilante better than Batman. Batman #1 reminds me that Batman just annoys me sometimes. Star Wars #20 is another tale from the hermit stage of Obi Wan’s career. X-Men Civil War #1 is disappointing as it doesn’t seem like the X-Men were invited to the Civil War party. And Civil War II #2 once again had me going WHOA!! at the end. Check it all out and tell me what you’re reading.

Picks From The Rack: Wonder Woman Rebirth, Spider-Man Civil War, and...

This week's new episode for Picks From the Rack bring a little bit of everything together. Amazing Spider-Man: Civil War #1 introduces our clairvoyant inhuman Ulysses to Peter Parker. Thunderbolts #2 has Bucky making hard decisions while leading his new team including one that may have been a mistake. Daredevil #8 plays out like a spy thriller and man it works well. There's much more we dive into, so come inside and watch! 

Picks From The Rack June 1st, 2016

Yes I’m back with some more four color more four color madness. So Deadpool #13 is a four issue crossover in one book expect a 10 dollar retail on this one but it’s a pretty funny book. Punisher #2 is quite frankly a solid talk of Frank Castle. Simple , straight, and to the point, just like I want my Punisher comics to be. Green Lanterns Rebirth #1 is finally getting me back into DC comics. Solid story and I like the focus on the new ring slingers. And finally Civil War II #1 is just holy mother of crap good and tragic and just DAMN! Check out the video and tell me what you’re reading this week.

Picks From The Rack: The Shadow, Captain America, and more

Let’s take a look at the comics coming out for this week April 20, 2016, including The Shadow, Captain America, Hawkeye.  All this and more in this week's brand new episode of Picks From the Rack!

Picks From The Rack: Captain America, X-Men and Squirrel Girl

I hope you missed it because Picks From The Rack is back.  And if you don’t know what it is it’s that weekly video where I break done spoiler free the comics I’m reading this week.  On our revival episode we're talking X-Men, Captain America, and Squirrel Girl!  

Picks From The Rack: Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel, and Star Wars

It's time for another episode of the best comic review in the world Picks From The Rack! Okay I exaggerated a bit there but we do have some comic books to review this week. So first up Star Wars #15 is another tale from Obi Wan's time on Tatooine watching over Luke and the Lars torn between staying in hiding and the values of being a Jedi. Transformers #49 has Galvatron ending any chance of an ongoing truce between the Cybertronian factions. Captain Marvel #1 has Carol Danvers taking command as she rightfully should for better or worse, oh and Alpha Flight is in here too. Lastly Silver Surfer #1 has me reading a book for a character that for years I have said completely sucks but this writing and art team have pulled me in and I love it. That's it for me. What are you guys reading and do you have suggestions on what I should be reading?

Picks From the Rack: A-Force, Swamp Thing, and Uncanny X-Men

Hey guys it's January 6th and time for this weeks Picks From The Rack, where I'm breaking down the week's comic releases to see what worth picking up from your local store.  Come inside to watch!

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