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Unravel introduces Yarny, a new lovable character made from a single thread of yarn, who embarks on a seemingly larger than life journey through the breath-taking environments of Northern Scandinavia.
Using Yarny’s thread and big heart, traverse nature’s obstacles through different physics-based puzzles in this unique puzzle platformer. Swing over a tree gap or hitch a ride on a flying kite, no feat is too big. Along the way, witness Yarny unlock a heartfelt story re-uniting a family’s lost loved ones.
Told completely without words, Yarny is the bond that ties everything together.
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Last year at E3 2015, we were introduced to Yarny, during EA's press conference.  Less than a year removed, we finally have the long-awaited story of Yarny and his incredible adventure.  Here is our review of Unravel.

Welcome to the world of Unravel.  It’s a lot like our world just...bigger.  In Unravel, you play as a red yarn character, adorably named, Yarny.  It’s Yarny’s job to reassemble the memories of a family torn apart.  In order to do this, Yarny must explore the different moments in time that meant the most to the family.

Unravel E3 Screen1.0

Visually, Unravel is absolutely beautiful.  From the  grass to the sky, the landscape of Northern Scandinavia in Unravel is extremely crisp.  They’ve even made the animals impeccably realistic.  For a smaller budget game, like Unravel, Coldwood Interactive and EA spared no expense for quality and it shows.  I tried so hard to find any blemishes in the graphics, but none were to be found.  Plus, the use of real photos as memories was a nice touch.  It helps to drive the point home that the ColdWood Interactive product has a deeper meaning than most games.

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The story of Unravel needs no dialogue.  It’s quickly understood.  Sometimes the most incredible tales need no dialogue and Unravel is one of them.  As you complete each level, memories and photos become clearer in the old woman’s scrapbook.  In essence, you are helping an old woman remember the best times with her family.  That’s as emotional as a game gets!  It doesn’t hurt that there is a gorgeous soundtrack accentuating the mood for each memory.

2890269 unravel e3 screen2

The gameplay for Unravel is entertaining and smart.  Unlike most mainstream games, you really have to think to get through every memory.  It’s not easy, either.  You have to think outside of the box in order to complete most of the memories.  Understand that not only are you having to overcome each obstacle, in your way, but you also have to do so without unraveling. Throughout each memory, you’re followed by a string of yarn that you use to tie together, climb, and even boost yourself up.  If you’re not careful, though, you could find yourself without enough string to get through the memory.  This is where wit and resourcefulness come into play.

unravel yarny.0

On my first night of playing this game, I ended up logging more than 2 hours of gameplay.  I was hooked.  With a perfect blend of visual quality, intelligent gameplay, and a meaningful storyline, Unravel is unrivaled when it comes to the puzzle game genre.  Plus, with a price of only 20 dollars, Unravel becomes a steal.  I would recommend this game to everyone I know.  If you have the opportunity, you have to experience this game.  The other mindless, emotion-numbing games will still be around.  However, it’s good for every gamer’s soul to get a richer gaming experience, every once in a while.  EA and Coldwood Interactive have stitched together a game that will give you just that. It's definitely a must buy.

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Unravel is the Puzzle Game With the Warm and Fuzzy Feeling
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What else can I say about Unravel that I haven't already said? It's a challenging puzzle game with tremendous heart. What's not to love? Add in that the price is only $20 and you don't have an excuse not to buy it. Furthermore, the department of tourism in Northern Scandinavia should use this game as a marketing ploy because it had me wanting to visit that country. I truly believe that everyone should own Unravel. It really is that good.
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