Indie Review: Camino

The script as a whole was well-written and full of twists and the The Hangover inspired comedic moments too crazy not to be funny.  Watching the plot unfold almost makes you wonder if it happened on a full moon.  There is strength in its absurdity.  It is truly one of those train wreck of a nights you cannot look away from, not that you would want to!


There was some pretty solid acting from the cast.  Matthew James and Cody Davids embodied the characters Mark and Jack, and really brought the film to life as the two young ‘slackers’ the lead roles required.  The two have an on camera presence that draws you in and takes you on the journey with them.  Even the nagging girlfriend evoked a healthy sense of audience rage.  


With indie films you have to give some leeway on effects due to budgeting, though the effects were not bad!  The kidneys could have used some tweaking, but certainly looked real enough for presentation purposes.  However, the main issue that caught my attention was probably in the timing category.  There was a scene in which the police arrived, and as a viewer it felt like a two second siren and background lights to announce that arrival before they came bursting onto the scene.  It seems as if you would hear a faint siren that just becomes louder before an abrupt shut off, and then the clamoring of police edition footwear hitting the steps.  This minor distraction was small, and did not take away from the entirety of the film, but was enough to be pointed out.  


Overall, the film was hysterical and highly recommended for your viewing pleasure.  The film was funny, and uniquely quirky, so it’s no surprise that it received the Audience Choice Award at the 2016 Lone Star Film Festival.  More news on screenings will be provided as they become available, and we highly suggest you attend a viewing if given the chance!

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