The 10 Best Alien Invasion Movies

With the upcoming release of A Quiet Place II, we take a look at the ten best alien invasion films released so far.  The premise...

Our Favorite Movie Moments of 2016

The end of the year is upon us! Join us as we reflect back on this past year in film and discuss some of our favorite moments. 

Cinelinx Best of E3 2016 Award Nominees

E3 2016 has come and gone but there are still some loose ends that need to be tied up.  The first being the Cinelinx award for Best of E3!  Please note that we tried to avoid any games that were only cinematic showings.  We wanted to actually see gameplay in order to nominate the game.  So without further ado, the nominees for Best of E3 2016 are...

10 Cloverfield Lane Blu-Ray Release Date and Details Revealed

One of the year's most engaging movies, 10 Cloverfield Lane, is making it's way to blu-ray next month.  On top of giving eager fans a release date, they've also announced the special features we can expect.  Come inside for all the details! 

It’s All Connected: Diving Deep Into Cloverfield(s)

10 Cloverfield Lane has been out in theaters for a little while now, but I still can’t stop thinking about it.  As such, I wanted to take this time to discuss my theories on how the two Cloverfield movies connect, the implications therein, and how this makes for a brilliant new way to craft a franchise.  Come inside to check it out!

Cloverfield Is More Than A Movie, It’s An Alternate Universe

JJ Abrams surprised many people by revealing a movie he produced in secrecy during the Superbowl, 10 Cloverfield Lane. Many people got excited, but some of us saw it as something more. Almost immediately after the announcement many communities sprung up again, Reddit was in full bloom, and Cloverfield fans woke up from their lengthy naps. Why? Well Cloverfield was rather known for it’s ARG (Alternate Reality Game) that led up to release, and many fans assumed 10 Cloverfield Lane would follow suit. They were right.

JJ Abrams Says the Giant Cloverfield Monster Won’t Appear in 10...

 For those of you who were hoping that the soon-to-be-released 10 Cloverfield Lane would be a direct sequel to the 2008 hit Cloverfield…sorry! JJ Abrams has revealed that the giant monster from the first film will not appear in the new movie. However the film will not be monsterless.

9 Film Projects That Were Rewritten to Become Sequels

We recently saw the release of the trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane, which started life as an independent film unrelated to Cloverfield but was rewritten as a sequel (of sorts). This got us thinking about other films that were conceived as original projects but were altered by studios to become sequels to existing franchises.

10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer Reveals the Follow-Up We Didn’t Even Know...

JJ Abrams' Bad Robot and Paramount pictures pulled a fast one on movie fans everywhere, by making a secret follow-up (of sorts) to Cloverfield, and dropping a trailer that no one knew about. Come inside to check out the trailer, poster, and learn a little more about it. 

Everything Is Canon: Stuffed – Into Darkness

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks to Liz Braswell all about her latest book, Stuffed: Into Darkness! You might know Liz from...