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2017 Razzie Award Winners Announced


The Golden Raspberry Awards have announced their winners for 2017. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice won four Razzie’s, tying with the political documentary Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party as the biggest Razzie winners of the year.

Four Things DC Can Do If Ben Affleck Bolts From DCEU


With all the hints we’ve seen lately about Ben Affleck having serious doubts regarding the DCEU projects he’s involved in, the powers-that-be at DC and the WB must be worried about losing their Batman. What will they do if Affleck abandons the bat cave? Here are four possibilities for continuing the DCEU post-Affleck.

Five Fixes the DCEU Needs To Do Now


The DCEU is having a lot of problems lately. They have great characters who don’t seem to be translating well to the big screen. Clearly, a course correction is in order. Here are five things that DC and Warner Bros need to do if they want to match the success of the MCU.

Is Ben Affleck Having Second Thoughts About Batman Solo Film?


Oscar winner Ben Affleck seems to be wavering about starring in a solo Batman movie. He told Britain’s The Guardian newspaper, “If it doesn’t come together in a way I think is really great, I’m not going to do it.”  

5 Reasons Tyler Hoechlin Is A Better Superman Than Henry Cavill


Tyler Hoechlin recently made his debut appearance on the CW’s Supergirl as Superman. His two appearances have gone over so well that there is already talk of a possible Superman TV series with Hoechlin in the title role. This reaction is drastically different than the polarizing response Henry Cavill got for portraying the hero from Krypton in the DCEU theatrical films. Hoechlin deserves praise for bringing back the Superman that most fans really want. Here are five reasons why Tyler Hoechlin makes a better Superman than Henry Cavill.

Eight Terrible Casting Choices in Films


 Casting is a hugely important part of the filmmaking process. Unfortunately, sometimes Hollywood gets it very wrong.  When the wrong person gets the part, it can spoil the whole movie. Here are eight instances where bad casting damaged a big movie.

Play Arts Kai Brings a Stunning Dawn of Justice Superman Figure...


Play Arts Kai is bringing yet another incredible looking figure to this year's New York Comic-Con, with a stylized black and white version of Superman from Dawn of Justice.  Come inside to check out details on how to snag one even if you can't attend!

New Info On Wonder Woman Movie Sounds Very Promising



Gal Gadot’s interpretation of Wonder Woman was one of the few aspects of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that clicked with fans. Will the most popular female comic character ever written be able to deliver in a solo film? Based on the info coming in, it looks encouraging.

What Dawn of Justice Could Have Learned From World’s Finest


 DC/WB is currently in reconstruction mode, launching their new DC Film Division under Geoff Johns, who wants to bring “hope and optimism” back to the DCEU. Therefore, this is a good time to look back on one of DC/WB’s recent missteps and how they could have benefited from an examination of their earlier, lighter projects. We’re going to examine how Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice could have been improved by studying the 1997 animated film The Batman/Superman Movie: World’s Finest.

Comic Book Veteran Dave Gibbons Rips On Batman V Superman



Popular comic book artist Dave Gibbon—best known for collaborating with Alan Moore to make the legendary “Watchmen” series—did not like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. At London Comic-Con, the longtime fan favorite shared his sentiments on the failings of DC’s latest film.


When asked about Batman v Superman, Gibbons had this to say…

Everything Is Canon: Huda F Are You?

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks to Huda Fahmy all about her new book, Huda F Are You? which is described...