Batman V Superman Director’s Cut Blu-Ray Gets R Rating

On March 25, 2016, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives into theaters, rated PG-13. However, it won’t include everything that, director, Zack Snyder would like to show.  In fact, the MPAA has come out today with a statement saying:


This was first reported by @stitchkingdom and then verified by us doing some digging and finding the actual statement, dated for tomorrow, by the MPAA.  It is worth noting that DC and WB have not confirmed this but all evidence points to this being true.

The news comes as a shock since there hasn’t ever been an R rated Batman or Superman movie. However, after the recent success of Deadpool, more studios are warming up to the idea of making more superhero movies less kid-friendly.

While it is shocking, it also adds an air of intrigue.  What sequences of violence could be so brutal they pulled it from the theatrical release and why?  

What we can surmise, though, is that Blu-Ray sales may actually be more than box office sales after it’s all said and done.

Batman v Superman hits theaters on March 25, 2016 rated PG-13.  As soon as we know when the rated R Blu-Ray will be out, we’ll report it here!

What do you think of the BvS Blu-ray rating?

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