S0leb Testest Out The AverMedia Live Portable 2 w/ Resident Evil...

I picked up a new capture device for our gameplay and man has it really impressed me! Let checkout the gameplay...

Treyarch bringing New Playlist, Looting Updates, and more to Black Ops...

Trey and Activision are here with the first update for Black Ops 4 and man is it a big one! Let jump inside and check it out!

2nd Opinion Podcast #242 | It’s a Spidey Suit, CHILLOUT

Welcome back to another episode of the 2nd Opinion Podcast! Who is ready to RAGE ABOUT A SPIDER SUIT!?

Activision Announces Black Ops 4: Battle Edition, Coming Exclusively to PC

Activision has announced a Battle Edition of Call of Duty Black Ops 4...why tho? 

s0leb Plays Black Ops 4 Zombies | 30 Minutes of IX...

We are back again for another Zombie filled GamePlay Corner! This time we are playing IX! 

s0leb Plays Black Ops 4 Zombies | 30 Minutes of Voyage...

 Black Ops 4 is finally here and man is this Zombie mode amazing!

COD Black Ops 4 WL Reveal Coming Sept 19th, First Tournament...

Yes, Call of Duty is changing. The World League however is coming back stronger than ever!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Impressions

The Black Ops 4 beta launches again today for PS4 players, and now includes everyone else as well. Before you hop on, what can you expect from the beta? Well we enjoyed it.

2nd Opinion Podcast #222 | WHAT HAPPENED TO COD!?

We're back for episode #222 of The 2nd Opinion Podcast! We talk about Black Ops 4, Quakecon, and more!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta Stream W/ s0leb!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta is here for PS4! Who is ready to play?

The Mandalorian and Friends Get New Action Figures

The first Mando Monday event brought a slew of new merchandise reveals including a range of modern and retro-inspired action figures! Today was the first...