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With the arrival of Black Krrsantan in last week's episode, we take a look at five other Star Wars character who could appear in...

The Rantcor Pit #55 – Fett-Ish


The Rantcor Pit returns with a look at the breakaway character of the Original Trilogy, Boba Fett!



Boba Fett Figure Could Break Records at Auction


Every collector has their "holy grail", that one particular item they've been searching high and low for.  Well, if you're a Star Wars collector with a lot of money, you might be able to snag this original Boba Fett figure that's expected to break auction records.  Come inside for more details!

GAME REVIEW: Star Wars Pinball


Cinelinx tries out the new Star Wars Pinball DLC for PS3!

2nd Opinion Podcast Episode #346 | THE REUNION SHOW

“In this episode, the original hosts are reunited in a special video episode.  Jason “Skelly” Belec, Jeremy “ToasterMcghee” Roughan, and Caleb “Soleb” Gayle! The...