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Boba Fett Reportedly to Appear in Season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian’

In shocking news, reports indicate that Boba Fett will be appearing in the second season of The Mandalorian, and someone very familiar to the...

Jon Favreau’s Star Wars Live Action Series Gets a Title and...


Looks like James Mangold Will Helm the Boba Fett Standalone Film

Just as Solo: A Star Wars Story takes over theaters, a new report has come out revealing that not only is the Boba Fett movie back on track, but has a director and writer. Come inside for the scoop!

The Rantcor Pit #55 – Fett-Ish

The Rantcor Pit returns with a look at the breakaway character of the Original Trilogy, Boba Fett!



Bandai Tamashii Nations Meisho Movie Realization Boba Fett Review

Okay so this was an impulse buy in every sense of the word. I got this in hand at a local shop I couldn't resist. Now niche figures and concept stuff really aren't my thing but once you see what this figure is bringing it's hard to resist. The paint, sculpt, and imagination in the figure is amazing. You look at this and you say "That's Boba Fett!" Now we picked up the Darth Vader form this same line for Editor in Chief Jordan last year and it's the first toy he's released from it's plastic prison in years. Knowing that I knew that I had to have this figure. Now let's keep it real, this is a 100 dollar toy so this may not be your thing. Check out my review if you're on the fence and then make a decision. I like that because it's so different it doesn't really fit in with any particular line I collect but honestly this is very unique so I'm okay with that.

Boba Fett Figure Could Break Records at Auction

Every collector has their "holy grail", that one particular item they've been searching high and low for.  Well, if you're a Star Wars collector with a lot of money, you might be able to snag this original Boba Fett figure that's expected to break auction records.  Come inside for more details!

Is Lawrence Kasdan Working on a Boba Fett Spin-Off Movie for...

It's the new year and of course that means it's time for new Star Wars rumors...sort of.  This is actually an update to a rumor that's been floating around for some time now, regarding the Star Wars spin-off movies Disney and Lucasfilm have planned.  The newest report claims that Boba Fett will be the first focus of the new film with Lawrence Kasdan currently writing the script.  Come inside for the details of the report and our take on it!

GAME REVIEW: Star Wars Pinball

Cinelinx tries out the new Star Wars Pinball DLC for PS3!

[Update] Rumor Control: Boba Fett and Han Solo Reportedly Getting Spin-Off...

Another day goes by and so comes another Star Wars movie rumor.  They've been coming fast and furious lately now that Abrams has been brought on to direct Episode VII and Disney has confirmed standalone movies are in the works.  While the rumor yesterday was that Yoda would be the focus of a standalone movie, a new report says that Boba Fett and Han Solo would be the first characters to get their own films. 

Focal Point: Rush to the Crown

Getting sucked into a new game can have detrimental affects on the rest of your production output in this week's Focal Point. There are games...