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The Future is Yours is an Addictive Time-Travel Story (Review)

This week brings a new take on time-travel with The Future is Yours from Dan Frey. Combining humor, techno thriller, and timely personal drama,...

Star Wars: Queen’s Shadow (Book)

Padme Amidala and her entourage of skilled handmaidens take center stage in the latest Star Wars Young Adult novel, Queen’s Shadow. The Prequel era story fills in some previously uncovered gaps in Padme’s story that pulls you along with some highly engaging character work. Come on in to check out my full review of the latest release!

Star Wars: The Legends of Luke Skywalker (Book)

The latest Disney Star Wars book release seeks to expand what we know about Luke Skywalker in a different way, but is the experience worth your time?  Check out my full review to see my thoughts on the new release! 

A Conversation in Blood (Novel)

If you're hankering for a different kind of fantasy adventure to dive into for the new year, Paul S. Kemp's brand new novel, A Conversation in Blood is here to help you out.  Come inside to check out my review of the new Egil and Nix novel.  

Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie

Abrams Books has put out some great coffee table books to serve as companion pieces to the Star Wars franchise.  Their latest release compiling the art from Ralph McQuarrie is no different and is an amazing set filled with neat stuff.  Come inside to check out my full review!

World of Warcraft: Illidan (Book)

If you're looking to dive deeper into the World of Warcraft lore, especially with an all new expansion on the way in a few months, a new book chronicling the adventures of legendary wizard Illidan is here to help.  It's a solid fantasy romp, but it doesn't delve too deep into the characters.  Come inside to check out my full review!  

Star Wars: Aftermath (Book)

The new canon has taken a turn towards The Force Awakens, with the launch of the Journey to the Force Awakens series of books.  The most prominent, at the moment, of which is Aftermath, our first canonical look at the Star Wars galaxy after Return of the Jedi.  With a lot of history coming before it, and expectations high, how does the new novel stack up?  Check out my full review to find out. 

Will Aliens: Fireteam Be The Game We Have Wanted for Years?...

Welcome back to the 2nd Opinion Podcast! After a crazy ice storm, working long hours, and having no internet we are finally back! In...