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Stallone Bringing Back Rocky and Rambo One More Time

Action icon Sylvester Stallone has announced that he will write, direct and star in Rambo: Last Blood. Also, Michael B. Jordan says that the latest Rocky sequel Creed is “Definitely happening”.

It’s Rocky vs. Raging Bull in Stallone-De Niro Boxing Flick

The men who starred in two of the greatest boxing movies ever made are putting on the trunks again, despite their advanced ages. Sylvester Stallone will box Robert De Niro in Grudge Match.

DVD REVIEW: Right Cross (1950)

Cinelinx goes to the mat with the new Warner Archive release Right Cross with Khan himself, Ricardo Montalban!

Real Steel Blu-ray Review!

 The Movie Pool gears up for the Blu-ray of Real Steel!

TMP Reviews: Rocky on Blu-ray!

The Movie Pool goes 15 rounds with the Limited Edition Blu-ray and book release of Rocky!

Rooting for the Underdog

The Greatest True Sports Moments in Film


Everything Is Canon: Make Them Cry

On this episode of "Everything is Canon", Steve talks with the writing team of Smith Henderson and Jon Marc Smith all about their debut...