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Jesse Pinkman is On the Run in the First Trailer for...

After delivering a fascinating teaser, Netflix has unveiled the first full-length trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, showing Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul)...

Casually Criterion reviews Valley of the Dolls, Ready or Not, November...

It's time for another Casually Criterion episode! Users voted on which Criterion film we should review next based on the theme of "Late 1960's...

First Teaser for ‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’ Searches for...

"Yeah B*tch!" A Breaking Bad movie is its way to Netflix, titled El Camino! The first teaser doesn't show much, but prefaces that this...

The Casual Cinecast reviews Beautiful Boy

In this episode Mike, Justin and Chris discuss Beautiful Boy, starring Steve Carell and Timothee Chalamet. We also break down everything we've been watching this week. This review has a spoiler-free section, followed by an in depth discussion of the film.

TV Review: Breaking Bad—”Gliding Over All”

Things fall apart as this season of Breaking Bad comes to a close.

TV Review: Breaking Bad—”Say My Name”

We shed tears for the death of one of our favorite characters in this week's episode of Breaking Bad.

TV Review: Breaking Bad—”Buyout”

Shit gets crazy as Jesse and Mike try to get out of the business.  But they'll have to contend with Walter White first.

TV Review: Breaking Bad—”Dead Freight”

It's Walter White and the great train robbery on this weekend's fantastic episode of Breaking Bad!

TV Review: Breaking Bad—”Fifty-One”

Walter White has a very...er, "fun" birthday in the 50th episode of Breaking Bad.

TV Review: Breaking Bad—”Hazard Pay”

Walt, Jesse, and Mike set out to create a new Meth Business for themselves. But as the three soon learn, being owners of their own operation can yield some—"unexpected" results.

Focal Point: Ultra HD Snobbery

Some betrayals are hard to forgive in this week's edition of the Focal Point webcomic! There is absolutely no denying that I'm a "snob"...