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The Super Mario Bros. Movie Knocks it Out of the Park...

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is currently breaking box office records all over the place and Becky is here to help explain why, and...

The Super Maro Bros. Movie Moves Up Release Date

Nintendo and Illumination have announced that the new animated film based on the world of Super Mario Bros. will release earlier than originally planned. Yes, the...

All-Star Voice Cast Revealed for Super Mario Bros. Movie

During today's Nintendo Direct, the cast was revealed for next year's Super Mario Bros. movie and some of the casting choices were....interesting. Many interesting items...

The Casual Cinecast Journeys into Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


This week, The Casual Cinecast dives into the latest installment of the Jurassic series, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard! How does it compare to the first Jurassic World or the original Jurassic Park? Listen in and find out! 

The Casual Cinecast reviews Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War


Mike, Chrs and Justin review the newest Marvel film, Avengers: Infinity War. Listen as we try to break down this massive movie and speculate on what comes next.

JMGO Launches New Portable Laser Projectors

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, JMGO is now launching their line of impressive looking laser projectors for everyone to get their hands on! We like...