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DOOM PATROL Is Set To Bring A Weird And Unique Feel...

The Doom Patrol are ready for their weird turn in the DC Universe, and you can see our thoughts on the latest live-action series in our video review. Come inside to check it out!

First Season of Krypton Hits Blu-Ray This March

The complete first season of the Superman prequel series is coming to blu-ray next year with some special features for fans to check out and enjoy. Come inside for more information!

Spot the Luke Cage Easter Eggs in This New Video

With just about every Marvel property that comes to life on the big, or small, screen Easter eggs referencing the comics or other characters are littered throughout.  Netflix's Luke Cage is no different and we're breaking down some of the coolest in a new video.  Come inside to check it out! 

Luke Cage Trailer, Iron Fist First Look, and Defenders Teaser

Last night Netflix and Marvel dropped not one, not two, but three teasers for their upcoming Netflix series, during the Marvel TV SDCC panel. Luke Cage got a full trailer, Iron Fist got a teaser bordering on trailer, and The Defenders got a teaser...All of which left me a very happy nerd.  Come inside to check them all out! 

IDW Working on Locke and Key TV Series Once Again

After failing to land with the first TV series attempt, IDW isn't giving up on giving the incredible Locke & Key story a proper adaptation.  They've once again started working on a new TV series.  

Marvel’s Daredevil Finds its Elektra For Season 2

As Marvel's second season of Daredevil begins filming, casting has confirmed that one of the hero's most iconic characters, Elektra, will be making an appearance and joining the Marvel roster.  Come inside to learn more!

The Flash Season 1 and Arrow Season 3 Hitting Blu-Ray In...

Arguably the best superhero related shows on television right now are bringing their latest seasons to blu-ray for fans to relive the adventures...on the same day!  Come inside to learn more about the blu-rays and what features fans can expect to have on the disc.

Supergirl’s Television Costume Fully Revealed

CBS is currently filming the pilot episode for their forthcoming Supergirl series (another in a growing list of DC television shows), and today they've revealed Melissa Benoist in full character, sporting the iconinc costume.  Come inside to take a look at the full outfit!

Marvel Offers First Official Look at Daredevil at NYCC 14

At a panel during the New York Comic Con, Marvel brought the cast of the upcoming Daredevil show for Netfilx, in which they revealed new details and the first official image of the man without fear in costume.  Come inside to learn more!

Danny Cannon Brought on to Direct Gotham TV Pilot for Fox

Aside from its initial announcement last year, we haven't heard much about DC's upcoming TV series Gotham, which will focus on the early days of detective Jim Gordon (before he's a commissioner) as he solves crimes on the mean streets of Gotham City.  Now, however, we know at least who will be behind the camera for the show's pilot episode.  

Playing DOOM ETERNAL Should Make You Buy an Xbox Series X...

Welcome to the 2nd Opinion Podcast! In this episode, we talk about Xbox Series X/S Titles Could be Made Playable on Xbox One, Assassin’s...