48 Hours Left to Snag New CyberPunk Comic Eliteware!

If you're looking out for some brand new original comic book action with some cyberpunk flair, you've got 48 hours left to snag the first two issues for only $5. Come inside for more details. 

Marvel’s Young Heroes Get Their Own Book

Young super hero teams just work. They have a broad appeal and who doesn’t love the coming of age story. Look at some of the best comic book teams comprised of younger heroes. Teen Titans, Power Pack, New Mutants, Young Justice, Young Avengers you get the idea. With the recent reboot of the Marvel continuity it looks like they’re set to debut a team comprised of some of the newest and youngest members of the Marvel Universe. 

Dark Horse’s New Hardbound Comic Explores the World of Warcraft

If you're a fan of Blizzard's World of Warcraft, you'll be happy to hear about the new comic collection from Dark Horse, which will expand on the mythos of the world in beautiful hard cover collections.  Come inside to learn more about it, and see when you can pick up Volume One.  

The Totally Awesome Hulk Identity Confirmed

So with Secret Wars coming to a close soon there's going to be a lot of shakes up in the Marvel comic Universe. One of them that we can now confirmis the identity of The Totally Awesome Hulk, yes you heard me. Now a few months ago I did a story on who this character was and there was quite a bit of misderection on Marvel's part with strange silhouettes but now we have confirmed the identity of our new Hulk.

Turtle Beach Announces Stealth 600 & Stealth 700 Gen 2 Gaming...

With the next generation of gaming rapidly approaching, Turtle Beach is rolling out their next generation of Stealth series gaming headsets. This morning, video...