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Picks From The Rack: Captain America, X-Men and Squirrel Girl

I hope you missed it because Picks From The Rack is back.  And if you don’t know what it is it’s that weekly video where I break done spoiler free the comics I’m reading this week.  On our revival episode we're talking X-Men, Captain America, and Squirrel Girl!  

Picks From the Rack: Carnage, Batgirl, Guardians of the Galaxy &...

This week's Picks From The Rack runs the gammut from the bizzarre to the exciting, as we take a look at this week's hottest comic book releases and talk about what we liked (or didn't) from the world of Marvel, DC, and a couple others! Come inside to watch it now. 

Picks From the Rack: Deadpool, Army of Darkness, Secret Six &...

Picks from the Rack is back after the holidays, and ready to talk about this week's newest comic releases to help you decide what's worth picking up and what should be left behind. Suprisingly a DC book is my favorite this week.  Come inside to check it all out! 

All New Captain America, Batgirl, & More in This Week’s Picks...

Marvel really shook things up this week and I can only say WHOA!.  This week on Picks From the Rack there are a plethora of great titles worth picking up including All New Captain America #1, Superior Iron Man #1, Thor #2, plus many more! Come inside to check out our thoughts on the latest releases in one quick video.

Author Shane Berryhill enters the world of comics with Sherwood, Texas

 If you don't know the name Shane Berryhill, don't worry, you will.

In 2006, he made his professional debut with Chance Fortune and the Outlaws. The story followed the adventures of a young Tennessee boy who was trained by a former hero (think Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne) in order to enter an academy for superheroes.

Picks From The Rack July 2, 2014

Picks from  the Rack has returned! What is Jason The X reading this week? Find out in the video below.

New Trilogy of Dragonlance Novels Coming From Original Authors

While it looked like a legal dispute would end up putting the Dragonlance book revival to bed, things are back on track with the...