Cuphead Available on PS4 Today

Studio MDHR announced today that the critically-acclaimed indie run and gun Cuphead is launching on PlayStation 4 today. Read Amber's review of Cuphead on Cinelinx...

Netflix Delivers a First Look at ‘The Cuphead Show’

Work on StudioMDHR's beloved, yet challenging Fleischer-style games Cuphead becoming a Netflix Original Series has been underway for some time. Today, Netflix took their...

Cuphead to Test Xbox Live Capabilities on Switch

Cuphead will be so much more than a port on Nintendo Switch.  It's about to test whether or not Xbox Live is compatible for Nintendo Switch.  More within...

Cadence of Hyrule and Cuphead Headline Nindies

Nintendo has unveiled their latest lineup on indie games coming to Nintendo Switch!  This round of Nindies will feature a 3rd party Legend of Zelda game, a popular Xbox exclusive, and a highly anticipated game based on a beloved Netflix series, and many more!

Funko Announces New Cuphead Themed Merchandise

Haven't had enough of the indie hit, Cuphead? Want to add some adorable stuffed friends and figures to your Funko collection? Well, you're in luck, because Funko is here to deliver just that! Come in and check out everything Funko has to offer with their new Cuphead merchandise!

Behind the Scenes Look at The Music of Cuphead

If indie games are an interest of yours, it's likely that you've heard of Cuphead. It's a game with animation that harkens back to the styling of 1930s cartoons, and its animation style alone was enough to spark the interests of many gamers back in 2014 when it was announced. With its release coming in just under two weeks, Studio MDHR, the team behind the game's creation, has released a musical piece called Floral Fury. What goes into making the music that will accompany Cuphead's stunning hand drawn art style? We've got some behind the scenes footage of the music in action, so come on in and check it out!

EPOS Reveals New Gaming Specific Wireless Earbuds

Today EPOS has revealed their first new audio device since splintering from Sennheiser with the GTW 270 wireless earbuds for gaming. If you're looking...