Funko Announces New Cuphead Themed Merchandise

Funko has announced Cuphead Funko plush, as well as new figures in their Pop! collection. They’re devilishly adorable, especially The Devil himself! The characters translate into Pops flawlessly and the stuffed versions look huggably soft. Find out where you can buy these and more, here.

Cuphead Funko 

Funko is excited to introduce more product for the run and gun side scrolling video game Cuphead! Now featured as Funko plush and Pop! Featured with their own stylized look, brothers Cuphead and Mugman are now your new favorite plush toy!

Don’t forget about their debt to the Devil! The Devil is now featured as an adorable soft plush. Each plush is roughly 8” tall. Add them to your collection this Winter!

Coming in February, this series of Pop! vinyl features Cuphead and Mugman, the ultimate boss, the Devil and his right-hand man King Dice.You can also add the Legendary Chalice to your collection, she will reward you as you defeat all the pink ghosts! King Dice has a chase – featured in yellow, a rarity of 1-in-6!


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