[UPDATE] CyberPunk 2077 Delayed, Pushed to November 19th

Today we received the sad news that Cyberpunk 2077 will suffer yet another delay, pushing the game back to from its already delayed date...

The Influences Behind The Matrix

The Matrix is seen as a ground-breaking science fiction action film. But many of the film’s most interesting aspects were actually influenced by other, earlier works of fiction and philosophy.

Alita: Battle Angel Gets an Intriguing First Trailer

The first trailer for the Robert Rodriguez/James Cameron collaboration, Alita: Battle Angel, has arrived, showing the emotional side of the science fiction cyborg story.  Come inside to take a gander! 

Ranked: The 10 Best Cyberpunk Movies

With the good reviews that Blade Runner: 2049 has been receiving, we look at just how well it stacks up against other films of the cyberpunk subgenre.

Focal Point: The Bare Necessities

In these trying times it's important to stick to only the essentials, and important concept in this week's Focal Point comic! We're back this...