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Warner Bros. Eyes James Gunn to Write/Direct Suicide Squad 2

After a tumultuous 2018, James Gunn may be about to embark on a new journey with a new ensemble of heroes.  It just won't be the mouse that funds this venture.  More within...

Warner Bros. Brings Back David Ayer and Margot Robbie for Gotham...

DC and Warner Bros. are working on uniting another group of misfits to the big screen.  This time, it's the all-female trio of Gotham City villains.  Find out more information about Gotham City Sirens, and even a potential Deadshot film in the works, after the drop!

New Images From Suicide Squad Revealed

David Ayer's upcoming Suicide Squad is gracing the cover of Empire Magazine, and as such, a slew of new images from the film have hit, giving eager audiences their best look yet at the characters.  Come inside to check out new images of The Joker, Harley, and The Enchantress!

[Updated] David Ayer’s Suicide Squad Revealed

On top of revealing a big cast photo of the Suicide Squad in full costume, a couple more photos have released giving us closer looks at Harley Quinn and Deadshot.  Come inside to check them out!

Steve Trevor Could Appear in Suicide Squad Before Wonder Woman

Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman's primary love interest and liason for the Justice League (in the New 52), will apparently be making his first appearance in Suicide Squad before showing up in 2017's Wonder Woman.  Come inside for the full scoop!

Jared Leto Could be The Joker in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad

Many names have been thrown about in regards to casting for the 2016 Suicide Squad movie, and a new report is throwing another into the mix.  The latest rumors claims that Jared Leto is being eyed to play the Joker in the upcoming film! Come inside to learn more, plus our thoughts, on this rumor.  

Directors’ Trademarks: David Ayer

At least once a month, Cinelinx will chose one director for an in-depth examination of the “signatures” that they leave behind in their work. With the release of Fury this week, let’s examine the trademark style and calling signs of David Ayer as director.

David Ayer Could Direct a Suicide Squad Movie for WB/DC

Slowly but surely, more information regarding Warner Bros. plan for their upcoming slate of DC movies (for which they've announced nine release dates for).  Today comes word on one of those projects potentially nabbing a director for it.  Technically its still rumor for now, but it appears as though the comic series Suicide Squad is coming to the big screen, and David Ayer might be the one to make it happen!

Watch the First Trailer for David Ayer’s Fury

You know what makes for a movie that looks really impressive?  Brad Pitt and tanks.  There's plenty of that on hand in the first trailer for the upcoming World War II film from David Ayer, so come inside and check it out.

Casually Criterion Delves into Y Tu Mama Tambien, The Expanse, and...

This week's episode of the Casual Cinecast goes back into the Criterion Collection with Y Tu Mama Tambien along with thoughts on The King...