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Capcom Announces New Titles Ahead of E3

Capcom, today, has revealed some of their E3 2014 plans and has revealed what will be on display at the big event, announcing some "new" titles that will be releasing soon.  Among these are a PC port of Dead Rising 3 (previously an Xbox One exclusive) and all the original Phoenix Wright games coming to the 3DS!  Come inside to learn about these titles and more. 

The Fathergamer Podcast #26

In our neonate online podcast episode, you’ll have to overlook the bumps and potholes as we navigate our way through technical difficulties (such as conversing in nerd-speak without being in the same city ONLINE, nonetheless).

GamesCom ’13: New Dead Rising 3 Trailer

Capcom has released a brand new trailer for Dead Rising 3, which seems to promise more action, gore and motorized mayhem than its predecessors, check out the new cinematic trailer below (Definitely NSFW).

New Dead Rising 3 Images Show it’s Not All Serious

When the first trailer for Dead Rising 3 came out during E3, it painted a much grittier type of zombie game than we've seen from the franchise.  I mean, we didn't even see a zombie get a beat-down with a big dildo!  Many gamers assumed/feared this meant the new entry in the series would be shying away from the sillier antics, but new screenshots from the game show us that's not the case.  Come inside to check them out!

Rumor Control: Dead Rising 3 Outed & Trailer Coming Soon?

It's been quite a while (2011) since we've heard any sort of news or rumors regarding Dead Rising 3.  A new rumor has popped up now however, suggesting that we may finally get an official announcement and trailer in the near future. 

Playing DOOM ETERNAL Should Make You Buy an Xbox Series X...

Welcome to the 2nd Opinion Podcast! In this episode, we talk about Xbox Series X/S Titles Could be Made Playable on Xbox One, Assassin’s...