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The 6 Best Trailers from E3 2013

Despite knowing that two brand new consoles would be on hand at this year’s E3 event, one of the things I looked forward to most (as I do all years), are the abundance of game trailers released.  Sure, some of them are pre-rendered to look pretty, without showing any gameplay, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less exciting.  With E3 now behind us, and the ability to catch our breath, I thought I’d take a look at the more impressive trailers to come out of this year’s event. 

Hands On: Battlefield 4 Awesomeness!

E3 is full of exciting games, and in the middle of all the excitement is normally EA. They had several games to showcase again this year, and one of the big ones was Battlefield 4, and boy was it exciting. I got my hands on the game, and played with both the Xbox One controller and PC controls, and lets just say it was rather awesome.

Vita’s Killzone: Hands on With Mercenary

The Vita seems to be getting a huge push from Sony by supporting all PS4 titles via remote play, but the device itself is still getting plenty of support of its own. At E3 there were a ton of great games to play and one of them was Killzone: Mercenary. Since the franchise’s next console iteration (Shadow Fall) is being hyped up for the PS4, I had to get my hands on the Vita version of it.

E3 Shows Mobile Gaming Isn’t Harming Core Gaming

When browsing other tech sites to see what people are often talking about, I come across one story a ton of times. These sites like to talk about how mobile gaming, and at one point Facebook gaming, would push consoles aside and take over the market. According to these sites, the mobile brand has a lot more to offer with a significant amount of gamers. Of course if you head down to the comments, real gamers will complain and say its false. I think E3 just backed one side over the other rather heavily.

Fooling Around with NVidia’s Shield

One thing that had a presence at E3 that wasn’t a big fancy new console was NVidia’s new handheld. The Shield is NVidia’s answer to stay in the gaming market and produce something for gamers. However is the device something Gamers should be looking out for?

Hands On With the Dualshock 4 Controller for PS4

The first thing we ever saw for the PlayStation 4 was it's controller, and Sony has been touting it as a unique feature for the system that will enhance our gameplay.  Like we did with the Xbox One controller, we got some time to play around with Sony's fancy new Dualshock 4 and our bringing our first impressions to you. 

Hands On With the Xbox One Controller

Microsoft's E3 press conference was all about the games (mostly) and little attention was paid to the redesigned controller for the Xbox One, which, during their reveal event, they boasted had several significant changes.  We got some hands on time with the new controller to see if the changes are a good thing, or fixing what isn't broken. 

E3 Trailer Madness: Dragon Age III, Beyond: Two Souls, inFamous, MGS...

This year's E3 has shown us a a bunch of different games, and with that comes a TON of new game trailers.  While we've done our best to showcase a lot of these trailers (check out the Microsoft and Nintendo ones at the links), there are some awesome trailers we haven't spotlight yet.  Thus, I've decided to present them in one convenient spot for your viewing pleasure!

New Screenshots and Details on that Mad Max Game

Last night during Sony's E3 press conference they showed off a new open world game set in the universe of Mad Max.  Outside of a quick trailer and the name, however, they didn't discuss much else about the game.  Fortunately, Warner Bros. (the publishers behind the game) got with us this morning to share some new screenshots from the game and details on what gamers can look forward to. 

Nintendo Reveals Their Third-Party Line-up and Schedule

We've already discussed the first party games Nintendo showed us this morning during their online presentation, but they also revealed what's in the pipeline for their third-party games.  Some of them we've known about, while others have just been announced elsewhere during the E3 event, but now confirmed for their systems as well.  Come inside to check out their line-up and schedule!

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