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Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium Comes to 4K UHD This February

Early next year, Sci-Fi movie fans will be able to pick up Neill Blomkamp's Elysium on 4K Ultra HD for the first time. The...

Directors’ Trademarks: Neill Blomkamp

At least once a month, Cinelinx will chose one director for an in-depth examination of the “signatures” that they leave behind in their work. This month we’re examining the trademark style and calling signs of Neill Blomkamp as director.

Box Office Breakdown: Elysium Takes the Top Spot in Another Crowded...

This past weekend was a crowded one featuring a comedy, a sci-fi tale, and even a Disney spin-off of a very popular animated series.  However, there can be only one winner, and thankfully Elysium pulled out on top while Planes failed to get off the ground.  Come inside for the full breakdown. 

Rated: Elysium – Everything the Sci-Fi Genre’s Been Needing

Elysium, the highly anticipated sophomore film from director Neill Blomkamp (District 9), is finally out in theaters this week.  Last week we got the chance to check out the film in order to help you decide whether or not the new sci-fi is worth your dollars in the theater.  Frankly, this may very well be the best film of 2013, and is exactly what the science fiction genre has been needing for years.  Come inside to see our full thoughts!

Exclusive Interview with Faran Tahir – The Villain You Love to...

We got to talk to actor Faran Tahir about his upcoming role in Elysium and Escape Plan. Faran Tahir is a familiar face in so many hit television shows, movies and theatre. From the first Star Trek remake to the hit series Warehouse 13 he has played a wide spectrum of characters and shares some of his stories of getting into the business to future plans. Listen to the interview after the jump.

Second, Even More Impressive Elysium Trailer Released

The first trailer released for Neill Blomkamp‘s, Elysium, was highly impressive, and almost instantly made it a must-see Summer film for me (though to be fair, it was already on it's way to that).  Now Sony has released a second, longer, trailer for the film, that manages to be even more impressive and exciting. 

First Trailer for Elysium Sets Itselft Apart from the Competition

Science Fiction fans have plenty to look forward to this Summer, including two films featuring a scenario in which Earth has turned into a crapper and the fortunate ones live elsewhere (Oblivion and After Earth).  Neill Blomkamp's Elysium now makes that three films using this sort of premise, but the first trailer shows that it can stand apart. 

Matt Damon Looks Like He Walked Off the Set of District...

And that's not necessarily a bad thing either.  Check out the full image below.

Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Elysium’ gets a release date and a villain

Two bits of good news for Neill Blomkamp's sophomore featute; one bit of bad.

Skywalker A Family at War (Book Review)

The galaxy’s most influential family gets a historical account in the latest Star Wars book. Chronicling the Skywalker journey from Shmi to Rey, it’s...