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Capcom Unveils 4v1 Resident Evil Experience, ‘Project Resistance’

A new way to experience the Resident Evil universe is on the way. Capcom went to TGS 2019 to show off their new 4v1...

The Fathergamer Podcast Episode 46 – Love Week

It’s Love Week on TFGP! (belated)

In this week's episode we celebrate nerd and geek love and discuss our favorite couples in gaming, movies and TV. As well as breaking down how we stay in a relationship with our hobbies and hearts still intact.


Turtle Rock Studios and 2K have unleashed the multiplayer battling game, Evolve, on the masses.  After some hands on time with the final product, we're happy to provide our thoughts on the game to our fellow gamer readers on the site!  Come inside to watch our review! 

SCNS Live: Season 4 – Episode 4

This week's all new episode of the Super Cool Nerd Show features all of the geeky news you care about including a spoiler free review of Hot Tub Time Machine 2, our interview with Chris Sarandon, some Joysticking, nerd confessions, and tons more.  Come inside to watch all the fun!

Evolve Hit With Massive 3GB Day One Patch

Looking forward to playing Evolve? Well get ready to download a massive patch first! Evolve will have over 3GB of fixes on day one, come find out what it fixes.

Evolve Trailer Showcases Single Player Experience

Evolve does have an offline experience and the studio wanted to showcase that today, come check it out!

The Fathergamer Podcast Episode #45 EVOLVE, Holograms and The Marvel Experience

This week’s episode is full of games, cake and nerdy news. We also discuss our recent trip to the Marvel Experience and our time with Evolve. 

Evolve Preview: Seriously Awesome Fun

I’ve gotten a chance to play Evolve several times now, including the two testing phases it went through. The first reveal was rather awesome, but I wanted to see more. That is when I got into the first testing phase, and let’s just say it didn’t work. Then I was invited to participate in the second phase and my goodness am I glad I got invited to this one! I think I had the game booted up the entire time it was playable, and I was sad when it said “sorry, it’s over.”

Learn How To Survive In Evolve’s Latest Trailer

The latest trailer for Evolve is a coaching guide on how to survive in the wild featured in the game. Trust me, after playing the title myself, this will come in handy!

Evolve has Gone Gold!

On December 8th, Turtle Rock announced that their highly anticipated upcoming game Evolve has officially gone gold! But what does this mean? 

Beast Wars Figures Return to Transformers Toy Line!

During today's continuation of Hasbro PulseCon, the toy makers revealed new Transformers action figures, including the return of Maximals and Predacons!  On top of releasing...