The Fathergamer Podcast Episode #45 EVOLVE, Holograms and The Marvel Experience


It’s a celebration of all things Geek, Nerd, OTAKU and everything that falls in the cracks between.

We honor creativity and the science of storytelling.

We interview everyone from Icons in the industry to awesome cosplayers.

We cover the latest comics and interview their artists, writers and visionaries.

We discuss the latest blurays and DVD’s, and of course we talk about videogames.

We interview veterans of the industry as well up and coming indie developers. We know games. I’m pretty sure we bleed in pixels. We might be a bit crude as well as not very politically correct, but our hearts are in the right place.


This weeks cast: Katy, Mike, Matt, Kyle, Austin, and Eric



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EPISODE #45 Show Notes


This week’s episode is full of games, cake and nerdy news. We also discuss our recent trip to the Marvel Experience and our time with Evolve


This week Eric, Kyle and Mike talk about their time with Evolve. Katy and Eric boot up their copies of Animal Crossing.

We find out that Matt doesn’t know who Keith David is.  Matt also tells us the difference between H1N1 and H1Z1.


 Of course there is more gratuitous MOBA talk


We get some skewed history lessons

Austin gives us his impression on Guitarsmith


Katy clamors on about her love for Harvest Moon


Mike gets stuck in A link between Worlds.


Eric organizes his Final Fantasy collection on his PlayStation “Fetus”.

He also gives his observations of his time with PlayStation Now.


“Talk Nerdy to Me” brings us news about the New 3DS XL.

GOG is selling some Star Wars love.

Sony settles…again?

Can Microsoft bring us into the future with HoloLens?

We say our goodbyes to Club Nintendo.

 Episode two of TellTale’s Game of Thrones gets a release date.

We talk about Windows Ten and the newfound love between youre Xbox One and your PC.


Simon Pegg takes Star Trek to the Winchester and waits for everything to blow over.

We have more Star Wars news.

Tom Hardy leaves the Squad and Austin wants in.

Powers gets a release date and you can’t binge.


This weeks Artist Spotlight is Drunken Ninja

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In WTF we give a shutout to #ANASH and we find out what has DNA.


Katy, Mike and Eric talk about their recent trip to Dallas to experience the Marvel Experience.


You can also find out more about our trip on this episode of SCNS:Live