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Fable Returns to Close Out the Xbox Showcase

As speculated, the beloved RPG franchise is finally making a return as revealed during a brief teaser to cap off the Xbox Games Showcase!...

Most Notable E3 2018 Game Absences

While this year's E3 had plenty to offer, there were more than a few games people were expecting to see (some based of solid reports/leaks) that were entirely absent. Here, I break down some of the most notable absentees.

Microsoft Reviving the Fable Franchise With Playground Studios

2 years after Microsoft closed the doors to Lionhead Studios, they're ready to bring back Lionhead's flagship game, Fable, with a studio known for racing games.  More within...

Fable Legends Axed, Lionhead Studios ‘In Discussions’ to Close Down

Lionhead Studios and Microsoft have announced that the game they planned on revitilizing the Fable franchise has been cancelled.  Along with that news is the news that Lionhead Studios could be shutting down.  Come inside for more information.

Microsoft To Introduce Cross Platform Play

Fable Legends will be the first title in the Microsoft lineup to include cross platform play between PC and Xbox One.

Fable Legends Announced

Lionhead Studios is bringing us another installment of the series Fable and this time they're bringing innovation with them. Announced at Gamescom Fable Legends comes roaring into the Xbox One but what's new? More after the jump.

Fable HD Remake Coming Later this Year

Many have been expecting (hoping?) to see a return of the Fable franchise at this year's E3, and while we still have a week to wait and find out, fans of the franchise have something to interest them today.  Fable Anniversary, an HD remake of the first game, is coming later this year to the Xbox 360. 

Bethesda Now Owned By Xbox !? | 2nd Opinion Podcast #300

Welcome to Episode #300 of The 2nd Opinion Podcast! In this episode, we talk about the Xbox/Bethesda Buyout, Console Pre-Order Problems, Remakes Coming to...