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Star Trek Axanar Is Back in Development…Sort Of

After a year of legal debates, an agreement has been reached that allows Axanar Productions to finally move ahead with filming the fan-project Star Trek: Axanar. However, the project will not be made in the way it was originally planned. Due to Paramount/CBS Guidelines for Fan Films, the delayed movie will be shortened to a half-hour and altered from the way it was previously intended.

Sweet Madness A Harley Quinn Fan Film

So being the nerd I am I love seeing characters from some of my favorite storied being taken up by fans. No they may not have the budget of a summer blockbuster but something can be said for when you know the characters enough you produce a compelling story that truly captures these heroes and villains. Basically I love fan films. I've been very lucky to talk to lots of creators out there. Mark Cheng from Red Retrieval, Chelton Perry from Teen Titans Project and a few others. Well after watching Sweet Madness by Peter Dukes I've got another favorite added to my list.  

New Short Film Examines the Origins of Harley Quinn

We recently came in contact with Peter Dukes, a talented filmmaker and founder of Dream Seekers Productions, and received the scoop on preparations for his sixteenth film.  Ever heard of a naughty little vixen named Harley Quinn? 

This Insane Spawn Fan Film Shouldn’t Be Missed

If you are like me when people mention a Spawn movie, you think of the one film that was made and giggle a bit. The movie wasn't that great, and yet the comics are so awesome. McFarlane is a local here and he makes great Spawn comics. That being said, movie rumors float all the time and no studio ever takes the bait. You would think of the previous movie and not care, well let me change your mind! Check out this insane fan film!

Cinelinx’s Ultimate Lightsaber Tutorial Resource

What's the one thing every Star Wars fan wants to do (besides becoming best friends with George Lucas)? Put Lightsabers into every picture/video that they can. Fans have been trying to recreate the effect since they first hit the big screen, but for years, money was a huge factor in not being able to get that look. These days with technology being what it is, just about anyone with a computer and the will can get those great Star Wars effects.

With a new crop of Star Wars films on the horizon and in honor of our ongoing Star Wars month here at Cinelinx, today I wanted to throw all of you filmmakers and fans a gigantic bone. Scouring the Internet I've compiled for you the best Lightsaber effects tutorials around the web. So this can be your one-stop resource (with links to free software, tutorials, etc.) without having to waste time trying to find everything you need to add Lightsaber effects to your film.

Watch the First Episode of Fan Film About The Flash

Ever wanted to make your own movie about your favorite comic book hero? Here's one video where some film makers did just that. Check it out! 

Indie Beat: Watch Thomas Jane be ‘The Punisher’ Once Again in...

When Thomas Jane went to Comic Con last week, he came bearing a short film he himself (and some buddies) made, utilizing his own characterization of The Punisher.  It's violent, gritty, and everything you want in a Punisher film, including a cameo from Ron Perlman.  Now you can watch it for yourself.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Filmmakers Behind Casey Jones Fan Film, Polaris &...

By now, a good majority of you guys have probably - hopefully - seen the 35 minute Casey Jones/Ninja Turtles fan film.  It’s been posted on just about every major nerd site there is (including us), and I recently had the chance to talk to the filmmakers and star of the short film about the movie and what they’re planning next.

Casey Jones Fan Film Makes You Long For a New TMNT...

A new Ninja Turtles fan film has recently launched online, and focuses solely on the character of Casey Jones.  Not only is this short film incredibly well put together, you'll find yourself wishing for a new Ninja Turtles movie...now.

‘The Avengers’ premake trailer is just what fans need

A fan made video compiled from several old movies, shows fans what The Avengers would have looked like if it had come out in 1952...it would still be awesome!

Everything Is Canon: Halloween Special

In this special Halloween episode of Everything is Canon, Steve is joined by co-host Jessica Salafia Ward (LaughingPlace.com) as they speak with Disney Chills...