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Ranking the Fast & Furious Films

The Fast and Furious franchise has become one of today’s most prolific, and profitable movie franchises. Join us as we rank all 10 films...

The Evolution of the Fast and Furious Franchise

While the tenth Fast and Furious film hits theaters later this month, don’t expect it to resemble the original 2001 film at all. We...

The Ten Best Fast & Furious Movie Cars

The tenth entry into the Fast & Furious franchise will be released later this month. To commemorate this occasion we look at the ten...

‘Fast & Furious’ to End After Two More Films, Justin Lin...

It seems all good things do indeed come to an end as it's been announced that the Fast & Furious main franchise will be...

Real Life vs. the Movies: The Fast and the Furious


In real life, we have to deal with things like gravity or friction. In the movies, not so much. Real Life vs. the Movies is a look at how possible those ridiculous action sequences from the movies would work in real life.

Top Heist Movies Ranked by the Value of Their Heists


The more difficult the heist in a heist film, the more fun it is to watch. Typically, the difficulty of the heist increases along with the value of the goods being stolen. This is our list of the most valuable loot hauls ever to be shown in film.

Directors Shortlist for ‘Die Hard 5’ Features Joe Cornish, Justin Lin,...


And just like that, the director's race for Die Hard 5 has gotten a lot more interesting.  And just as quickly, I imagine Fox will make the safe and easy choice.  But we can dream, can't we?

‘Super 8’ finally gets a release date


Super 8, the secret project from director J.J Abrams and producer Steven Spielberg, has finally gotten a solid release date beyond “Next Summer.”  But it’s a pretty competitive one, to say the least.

Child of Light is a Solid, Albeit Familiar, Fantasy Tale |...

A brand new Fantasy adventure from Terry Brooks arrives this week with Child of Light, but is it worth picking up for your Fall...