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What Happened? Seven Films That Left Us Hanging

 Most people like to see resolution in films but not every filmmaker gives us that. Sometimes, they just leave us wondering. While there are times this can be just a symptom of bad writing or editing, it can also be an excellent way to get people to leave the theater thinking. In the hands of a clever and talented filmmaker, this technique can make a good film even more interesting. Here are seven good movies that don’t give us the answers we expect.

Review: Does the Netflix Sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Deliver?

 After 15 years, the sequel to the popular martial arts action classic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon has finally come out. Is Sword of Destiny worth the wait?

Examining Hollywood Remakes: Beauty and the Beast

 Welcome to another look at Hollywood remakes, where we dissect a cinematic re-do and determine whether it’s a gem or a joke. We’ll be tackling Disney again for this entry in our series. This week, Cinelinx looks at Beauty and the Beast (1991).

Examining the Good and Bad CGI of Immortel

I am a fan of foreign films and as such I found the movie Immortel (Ad Vitam) a few years back. When I was informed it came to Blu-ray I jumped at the chance and grabbed it.  It is a little slow but still a cool film. As there are only a few paid actors the film relies heavily on CGI to bring it to life, some of which is sub-par, detracting from the feel of the film as a whole.  This article explores the good and bad computer-generated imagery of the French film Immortel (Ad Vitam).

Rated: The Raid: Redemption (2011)

With Jackie Chan and Jet Li winding down their action-star careers, audiences are looking for the next big martial-arts star. While both of those big screen legends had to come to Hollywood in order reach that level of stardom, The Raid: Redeption  may be proof that in today's more global consumer marketplace that path may no longer be necessary. 

Celebrate The Holidays With Insight Editions And Star Wars

Bring the power of the Force to your needles with the first and only official Star Wars knitting book from Insight Editions, Star Wars:...