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When Filmmakers Return to a Franchise Decades Later

Matrix Resurrections is an example of an increasing trend of filmmakers returning to a film franchise they had success with, but decades later. We...

Star Wars: Ronin: A Visions Novel | Book Review

The latest Star Wars novel arrives this week. Based off one of the Star Wars Visions shorts, Ronin makes for one of the best...

George Lucas and a Republic Commando Get The Black Series Treatment

The Maker himself, George Lucas, is getting a new Black Series figure from Hasbro, along with a new addition to the Gaming Great line....

Focal Point: How George Lucas LITERALLY Ruined a Childhood


"George Lucas ruined my childhood" has long been the battlecry of ridiculous Star Wars fans for a while now, and today we're addressing it and the ONLY scenario in which it's appropriate to use.  Come inside to check out this week's Focal Point!

Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant LTD Reveal NYCC Exclusives

New York Comic-Con is just around the corner and today, Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant LTD have revealed what fans can snag while...