A ‘TimeSplitters 2’ Remake Might Be in the Works (We Hope)

THQ Nordic is apparently teasing that a remake of TimeSplitters 2 is on the way, but they're being very cryptic about it. In the recently...

Watch Cinelinx Presents UGF MvC: Dawn of GoldenEye LIVE Tonight Here

Cinelinx Presents: UGF MvC: Dawn of GoldenEye is about to premiere LIVE!  Here's how you can watch and win a copy of Destiny 2 on PS4!

This Friday Cinelinx Presents UGF MvC: Dawn of GoldenEye

This Friday, the landscape of the United Gaming Federation will take shape as 8 competitors will enter the arena to face off in another epic tournament!  Plus, the Cinelinx UGF Championship is on the line!  Come inside to find out how it'll go down and how you can win Destiny 2 on PS4!

The Matches Are Set for UGF’s MvC: Dawn of GoldenEye

The next UGF tournament takes place next week!  Find out who will be playing who in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite!  Plus, big giveaway news!

Cinelinx Presents UGF Finally Has A Main Event Game For September...

After an invigorating, jaw-dropping Mario Kart Madness, we ended the night with BC winning the Championship and Matt "Quad C" winning the #1 Contendership.  A week has passed and the champ is finally ready to announce the main event game, on an auspicious day!

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Cinelinx honors one of the longest running movie franchises in history by ranking all the primary Bond films from worst to best.

Top Ten James Bond Villains

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