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Indie Beat: Hitting Rock Bottom – Web Series Review

Many studio headlines come across our desks at Cinelinx on any given day. Most are from major movie studios, and some from independent film production companies that are begging for a bit of extra attention. Hitting Rock Bottom is an innovative web series concept with a powerful message of hope to tell and was co-written by our very own Robert Young!

Channel Control: Trailer for History’s ‘Hitting Rock Bottom’

I know what you're thinking, why are we posting a trailer for a new show on the History Channel?  It's not something we normally do, so I understand, but I feel this is a special exception considering that this show comes from the mind of TheMoviePool's very own Rob Young!

DC Universe Transitions Into an All Digital Comics Platform

After a lot of speculation, Warner Bros. has made it official. All original DC shows will make the jump to HBO Max as DC...