Indie Beat: Hitting Rock Bottom – Web Series Review

The Set-Up

Director: Corey Snyder
Writers: Corey Snyder, Avid Powers, Robert Young
Editors: Marc DeRossi, Corey Snyder
Starring: Lucius Bryant (older Darryl) and Kae Cohen (younger Darryl)

Chances are most of you reading this either knows someone who has suffered from alcohol or drug addiction, or have been the one to fall prey to this affliction. It is a sickness that not only damages the body and distorts the mind of the abuser, but can reach out with tornado-like effects and disrupt the lives of those closest to the user due to behavior while under the influence. Hitting Rock Bottom is a new docu-drama web series containing real life stories from those that have been at the lowest point of addiction before fighting their way back to recovery. Each season contains the life story of one individual contributor, and the names are changed to protect that person’s anonymity. The first season covers the story of “Darryl Brown” from his upbringing, seduction into the life of crack abuse, and recovery.

The Review

Props go to the writers of Hitting Rock Bottom for a job well done. As a former student of chemical dependency counseling, I can attest to the realism of this very gripping dialogue. For those that have never been to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting or any other similar support group, you are missing some heart breaking yet uplifting stories and life lessons of hope. This series is like a hint of AA without actually stepping foot in a meeting.

The overall atmosphere of the series just draws you in which can be credited to a combination of detail oriented cinematography and on point acting by the lead actors. As far as filming goes the picture was clear and crisp, and the angles were easy to follow. However, the most important part of the sequencing was the transition between dramatic scenes and narration by Lucius Bryant who played older Darryl which went forward without a hitch.

Where would any film project be without acting? The lead actors, Lucius Bryant and Kae Cohen, did a fantastic job narrating and dramatizing the life story as the older and younger version of Darryl. Older Darryl, played by Bryant, put so much expression and appropriate tone into his role that it seemed as though he could be the real subject of the series. Cohen was spot on as a young man from such a tough background seduced by the pull of a fast lifestyle of parties and drugs abuse until he has to hit an ultimate low point in his life before he could crawl his way out to redemption.

There is only minor glitch in production, at least that I could tell, and it lies with the supporting roles. Bridget Gabbe had the part as Abby the cute sweet actress girlfriend and looked the part, but during an argument scene with younger Darryl she lacked the emotional intensity the scene called for. Andres de Venegeche played a passable Carlos the drug dealer, but did not seem to have a firm grasp on his character. There was a particular scene where Carlos held a gun on younger Darryl and claimed that he would not hesitate to shoot him if he interfered in certain business that was going on, but it did not inspire any belief. Of course Carlos would be nervous about the intense situation the scene portrayed, but seemed to lack the resolve of a drug dealer employing the use of a scare tactic.

Darryl snorts coke


7 out of 10: Hitting Rock Bottom is a thought provoking, edgy web series with a message to give that is well worth the view. I just wish the next episode was complete! To view the current four episode please visit the Hitting Rock Bottom Show website. There you will find episodes and any other information you made need should you want to comment on your opinions of the project. The staff of the series is holding a fundraiser on IndieGoGo to continue filming the series.  For those who wish to help out and support a worthy cause. Their deadline is June 15th so don’t miss out!

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