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E3 2018: Resident Evil 2 Announced, New Trailer

Resident Evil 2 is getting a revamp from the ground up to become an entirely new game coming soon!

Dead By Daylight Goes Off the Beaten Track in Cryptic Teaser

It’s hard to say just what the Dead by Daylight team has up its sleeve, but the newly released teaser trailer has a great deal to look into, as vague as it is. You can watch it right here and make your own wild speculations! 

Amnesia vs Outlast – Which Horror Game Is Best?

With Halloween upon us, I’m taking a look back at a pair of my favorite horror video games, Amnesia and Outlast and attempt to figure out which of these two (great) games offer up the best horror experience.  Come inside to check out my thoughts and share your own!

5 Horror Games to Put You in the Halloween Spirit

Last week, I discussed some horror game franchises that should return, but there are some games out there you can play right now that'll get you in the Halloween mood.  Find out my top 5 horror games to play this October after the jump!

5 Horror Game Franchises We Want Back

October is upon us which means it’s time for spooks and scares, and video games are the perfect way to get that experience. Take a look at some games we hope make a return in the gaming world to, you know, make our editors wet their pants.

The Evil Within 2 Revealed, First Trailer

Last night at Bethesda's E3 press conference, they revealed a terrifying first look at The Evil Within 2, promising a horror game that goes beyond even the first.  Come inside to check out the trailer!  

5 Best Horror Bosses From Non-Horror Games

Typically, when Halloween swings around everyone wants you to play games that scare your pants off from beginning to end. Some people might not be fans of horror games, so we figured another way to get that thrill without jumping into the genre. Check out the 5 best Halloween inspired scenes from non-horror games.

My First Time – Playing Resident Evil 1

In order to help get in the Halloween spirit, this new episode of Joysticking: My First Time, sees Jordan takes on Resident Evil 1, the seminal survival horror game in its newly remastered form.  Come inside to watch his first steps into the seminal survival horror title.  

N00b1ng – Halloween Edition – Five Nights at Freddy’s Sister Location

Happy Halloween!  In honor of the holiday of frights, Matt, Jason, and Rob joined returned to the dark room they swore they'd never go back to.  This time, it was to take on Five Nights at Freddy's - Sister Location.  

Prepare Fresh Pants! The Amnesia Collection is Coming to PS4

Amnesia and it's sequel, A Machine For Pigs, remain among the scariest video game titles out there and fans continually return to the franchise for more thrills and now they're coming out on the PS4 in one convenient bundle.  

The Casual Cinecast Talks Capone and The Future of Theaters

On this week's episode of the Casual Cinecast, we have a guest on the show to share his top films of all time and...