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SXSW Regular Geoff Marslett Crowdfunding his latest film

SXSW Regular Geoff Marslett (Monkey Vs Robot, Mars, Loves Her Gun) is crowdfunding his latest film 'The Day Before Wedding", a film that starts out like your usual indie mumblecore and escalates into something shockingly different. You can visit the Indiegogo page here for more information. Every dollar helps!

10 Feature Films You Need to See at the 38th Denver...

This year's Denver Film Festival has a diverse lineup of killer films both small and large. To select just ten meant I had to strain out promising titles like Lucifer, shot on tondoscope and directed by the provocative Gus Van Den Berghe, or special presentations like Mia Madre by Italian director Nanni Morreti. You should see those and all the films on this list, and more -- the roster's dense. You can view the 38th Denver Film Festival schedule in its entirety here. The Festival will run from November 4th to the 15th. 


Exclusive Clip from ‘Why I’m Not On Facebook’

Why I'm Not On Facebook travels great lengths to explore its titular question. It follows Brant Pinvidic, as he contemplates whether or not to join the social phenomenon that's taken over the masses. He interviews family, friends, and celebrities about their personal experiences with Facebook. Pindivic wants us to be aware of the consequences good/bad, although he's most blatantly opposed to the social network as evidenced by the trailer (Which you can see here). Check out our exclusive clip below to see some of Pinvidic's travails.

Director Keva Rosenfield Contrasts American High Schools in the 80’s to...

Keva Rosenfield's All American High Revisited is something like unburying an ancient relic, or perhaps your old high school yearbook with dated wardrobe and coiffure. But it's more explicit than that. You hear the dialog, you see the 80's swagger, it has aged into a timeless record of a now exotic time. Today, this lifestyle feels so distant -- fun even. Director Keva Rosenfield and I discuss why that is, and what those comparisons mean going forward.  

Gaming Indie Beat: Arclight Cascade Heads to Steam Greenlight

Hexdragonal, and Indie studio out of England is launching their first official game, Arclight Cascade, onto Steam's Greenlight program.  Come inside to learn more about the game, and why you may want to support it!

New Short Film Examines the Origins of Harley Quinn

We recently came in contact with Peter Dukes, a talented filmmaker and founder of Dream Seekers Productions, and received the scoop on preparations for his sixteenth film.  Ever heard of a naughty little vixen named Harley Quinn? 

Indie Thriller, Bad Trip, Gets an Official Trailer

Indie Beat's back for an all new year, and today it's bringing with it the first trailer for Bad Trip, and upcoming thriller set in the world of wild raves. Come inside to check it out.  

Horror Film, At Granny’s House, Gets Its First Trailer

In today's Indie Beat (sorry it's been so long!) we have the first official trailer for an upcoming horror movie, At Granny's House, that goes to show that not everything at your grandma's house is all cookies and sunshine.  Come inside to check it out!

New Movie Poster and Stills from Fairfield

In today's Indie Beat the upcoming coming-of-age story (which just so happens to take place during the start of the zombie apocalypse of course) has a brand new movie poster and stills from the film to show off.  Come inside to check them out! 

Jessica Cameron and Jonathan Higgins Announce New Collaboration, Desolation

In today's Indie Beat, Jessica Cameron and Jonathan Higgins have announced the latest film project as part of their Kill the PA cross-country filmmaking experiment, called Desolation.  They've released the first details on the new horror flick, some initial poster art for it, and provided more details on all the films included on their unique endeavor.  

Will Ubisoft Bring a True Open World Star Wars Game to...

Welcome to the latest episode of The 2nd Opinion Podcast! In this episode, we discuss Bethesda's new Indiana Jones game, Sony's CES2021 Games, Mass...