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Best Picture and Better Picture: Movies That Should Have Won the...

 The best picture doesn’t always win Best Picture. Sometimes the best film of the year gets robbed. Cinelinx looks at the movies which should have won Best Picture but didn’t.

Power Rangers Movie Lands the X-Men First Class Writers

Aside from the initial announcement that Lionsgate was working on bringing a reboot of the Power Rangers to the big screen, we haven't heard much about the upcoming film.  Fortunately today brings a little update in the way of what's going on behind the scenes with the film including who's writing the script and who will be handling some Producing duties.  Come inside to check out the latest update!

Box Office Breakdown: 300 Seizes Glory Against Peabody

This past weekend at the box office saw the release of a long gestating sequel (who many people didn't think was necessary) and another animated adventure based on a beloved cartoon property.  Under most circumstances, this would generally mean the kids' movie would win out, but turns out Rise of an Empire is actually pretty good!  Come inside to check out the full box office numbers for this past weekend. 

4 Ways to Fix the Oscars

The 84th Annual Academy Awards have wrapped up and the general consensus from most people is: it was okay. Personally, though, I hate that the standard for judging what should be the biggest event in the film industry, is by how it 'sucked less' than the year before. This should be an amazing and fun event for all people who are passionate about film, not just those who work in it. The show has been such a bore though, so I've thought of a few ways to fix the Oscars, and bring them back to where they should be.

Redbox Is Making a Streaming Subscription Service, And Teaming Up With...

So it's finally happened.  After months of waiting, we'll finally get to here more about Redbox's plans to move into the streaming/subscription service game.  It was only a matter of time before Redbox, arguably Netflix's biggest competitor, moved into the online market.  Now Redbox finally has, and has brought on a friend to help them: the biggest cell phone company in the United States of America—Verizon Wireless.  Read more about this potentially huge partnership after the break.  

Netflix Nabs Exclusive Rights to the New Season of Arrested Development...

Just when I was losing faith in Netflix, they practically MADE me come back.

Editor’s Corner: The Problem With Home Entertainment Moratoriums

Recently, Warner Bros. announced it’s intentions to pull the Harry Potter films out of circulation and off store shelves beginning in January 2012.  It’s a move very similar to the way Disney operates it’s “Vault”, but is this really the best way for studios to handle their movies?  I don’t think so.  There are flaws with the business practice that affects both consumers and the studios.

The Weekly Rhetoric: Will 3D Re-Releases Become the Next Hollywood Fad?

Hello and welcome to The Weekly Rhetoric, the one place on the internet where you'll find someone incoherently arguing a point with enough intensity to kill a baby lion cub!  Every week I'll take a subject, do the least amount of research I can, throw a couple paragraphs together in between episodes of Charles in Charge, and pass it off as real journalism!  For our sophomore showing, we'll pontificate the exact nature of re-releases.  Are they financially viable?  When did they become common, and what caused their downfall?  And, most important of all, could 3D become a selling point to get audiences back for another go around?

Will Netflix’s Quest to Kill DVD’s Destroy Their Company?

Netflix seems to think it has a winner with Instant Watch, but will their plan to syphon off their DVD package kill both their company AND online streaming as we know it?

An Aspiring Screenwriter Has His Script Blow Up in Hollywood—Literally

Most of the time, blowing up in Hollywood is a good thing.  But this aspiring screenwriter finds himself out hundreds of dollars and detained in jail for blowing up.  Basically, he got a preview of how life will be five coke-infused years later.  Read the strange and sad tale after the jump.

DC Universe Transitions Into an All Digital Comics Platform

After a lot of speculation, Warner Bros. has made it official. All original DC shows will make the jump to HBO Max as DC...