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Kevin Feige is Working on a New ‘Star Wars’ Film for...

It has come to light via reports that are startling, if not completely surprising, that Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, is working on...

Knights of the Old Republic Project in Development at Disney; Details...

Star Wars Celebration gave us loads of amazing content to pine after for months.  We received a trailer for a new story-driven game in...

Colin Trevorrow Out As Star Wars: Episode IX Director

Yet another directorial ousting has happened at Lucasfilm.  This time its Episode IX director, Colin Trevorrow, getting the axe.  Come inside for more.

Top 5 Coolest Things Shown at Star Wars Celebration

Star Wars Celebration has come and gone but it left quite an impact on Star Wars fans everywhere.  There was a lot to see and experience (even for those at home), so we’re going to break down the Top 5 Coolest Things Shown during this year’s event.  Come inside to see our ranking and share your own!

Indiana Jones 5 is OFFICIAL, But Expect Delays

The last film, of which a ton of people disliked, aka The Crystal Skull was released in 2008 so the fans have eagerly awaited a new addition to the Indiana Jones franchise. It looks like we have finally been heard.

Star Wars VII is Three Weeks Away From Wrapping Production

We knew it was getting close, with a few of the actors in Star Wars: Episode VII confirming that they had finished filming personally, but now Lucasfilm's President has revealed that filming on the new Star Wars movie is nearly complete. 

Star Wars: Episode VII Delay Rumors Pop Up Once Again

Here we are again folks, after a lot of back and forth on rumors and even an official press release saying things were still on track for a December 2015 release, there's a chance that Star Wars: Episode VII could be pushed back to May 2016.  The reasons aren't exactly what you might think, however, and have more to do with studio politics than anything.  Come inside to check out the latest report and sound off with your thoughts. 

Kathleen Kennedy Calms Fears About Episode VII Secrecy

One of the biggest fears us Star Wars fans have had since the announcement of Episode VII and that J.J. Abrams would be directing, was the amount of secrecy that would surround the project.  Abrams is notorious for keeping his projects as secretive and underwraps as possible, but new Lucasfilm head and executive producer Kathleen Kennedy is out to ease those worries, by saying there won't be a big veil of secrecy on the upcoming Star Wars films.

Kathleen Kennedy No Longer Producing Jurassic Park IV

Jurassic Park fans have had to wait for a long time for the fourth entry of the series.  So long in fact, that many thought it would never happen.  During those times the producer long attached to the project, Kathleen Kennedy, kept fans' hopes alive by providing tidbits of encouraging news.  Now, she's no longer attached to the film.

Disney confirms stand-alone Star Wars films: Will Yoda get one?

Disney has just confirmed the stand-alone Star Wars movies, and rumors abound Yoda might get his own flick.

Star Wars: The High Republic Books Delayed to 2021

The highly anticipated new era of Star Wars (at least in book form) won't be starting up this Summer as previously announced. Earlier this...