ROCCAT’s Two New Vulcan Series Gaming Keyboards Release Today

PC Master Race rejoice! Two brand new gaming keyboards from ROCCAT have arrived in Europe and Asia and they're a sight to behold. Check...

Razer Releases First Wireless Keyboard & Mouse for Xbox One

Razer has designed a new product to help the Console Elite game like a member of the PC Master Race!  More within...

Feel the Glow With the New Fully Customizable, Spill Resistant Razer...

Two new colorful, spill-resistant keyboards have entered the market, but these are from the tech whizzes at Razer!  Check out what their like

SteelSeries Unveils the Ultra-Fast, Durable Apex 150 Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries has just released their latest Gaming Keyboard and with fast, quiet keys and splash resistance body it's a game-changer!  More details within!

SteelSeries Lights Up the Gaming World With New Keyboard

SteelSeries has come out with a new customizable keyboard that is sure to have every member of the PC Master Race looking down at their current keyboard in disgust.  Check out all the features of the Apex M750 below!

Razer Ornata Combines the Benefits of Soft and Mechanical Keyboards

Over the weekend during PAX West, Razer unveiled a brand new keyboard design, called the Ornata, which uses what they call the first ever Mecha-Membrane technology.  The goal here is to provide gamers with the best of both worlds on their keyboards.  Come inside to learn more! 

Tech Talk: The Roccat Isku FX Keyboard and Kave XTD Headphones...

Roccat have come out with some new headphones and gaming keyboard in order to help you expand your gaming PC and offer up the maximum amount of fun from it.  I got the chance to check out their newest additions to their line of gaming products and can help you determine whether or not they’re worth your time to pick up.

New Trilogy of Dragonlance Novels Coming From Original Authors

While it looked like a legal dispute would end up putting the Dragonlance book revival to bed, things are back on track with the...