God of War lived up to and surpassed our every want and need. This is truly a spectacular experience!

We streamed God of War from start to finish, Check it...

The time has come for Kratos to return, we must prepare our minds for this mindblowing experiance!

Unboxing Neca’s God of War Replica Axe!

Welcome back to another unboxing, this time around we are unboxing the God of War Prop Replica Kratos' Axe by NECA!

God of War’s Progression System Shown, Customization is Key!

God of War has really changed and boy are we ready for it!

Sony Santa Monica Shows us the new God of War Combat...

God of War is looking to be all things we love from the past, with a dash of Dark Souls? 

5 Best Horror Bosses From Non-Horror Games

Typically, when Halloween swings around everyone wants you to play games that scare your pants off from beginning to end. Some people might not be fans of horror games, so we figured another way to get that thrill without jumping into the genre. Check out the 5 best Halloween inspired scenes from non-horror games.

New God of War In Development

At the Playstation Experience, it was confirmed that a new God of War video game is currently in development!  Come inside for more!

USPS Launching New Star Wars Stamps This Spring

Heads up Star Wars fans/collectors, the Post Office is launching a new series of stamps, inspired by your favorite droids later this year! This isn't...