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WB Eyeing X-Men and Kingsman director for Man Of Steel Sequel

Apparently Man Of Steel 2 is still heading our way, and it looks like WB has their eyes set on a new director to join the fold!

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Plot and Concept Art Revealed

Matthew Vaughn chatted with Empire and revealed the plot for the Kingsman sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle!  Check it out along with some concept art!

Release Date Announced for Kingsman 2

Now that Robin Hood: Origins has been pushed back, Director, Matthew Vaughn is hard at work on the new Kingsman sequel. As such 20th Century Fox has announced a release date!

Matthew Vaughn Says the Christopher Nolan Method of Comic Films is...

Christopher Nolan’s Bat-trilogy was highly successful and influenced the future of DC characters on film, both on the big screen and on TV. It ushered in the grim-and-gritty style which is the template for the current DC product. But is the time for this style of film over? Matthew Vaughn thinks so.

Rumor Control: Matthew Vaughn in Talkes to Direct Star Wars: Episode...

Now that new Star Wars movies have been announced, I have the sneaking suspicison that we'll be doing a crap load of 'Rumor Control' articles about them.  It's the nature of such a massive property and we'll try and keep them down to the more interesting ones.  Today comes a rumor that deals with something everyone is speculating about; who's going to direct it? 

Matthew Vaughn Will NOT Direct X-Men: Days of Future Past; Bryan...

Some shocking news just came out from 20th Century Fox's camp today, in the revelation that Matthew Vaughn has elected to NOT helm X-Men Days of Future Past, the sequel to his own X-Men: First Class.  It's not all bad news though, as reports are suggesting that Bryan Singer (who originally brought the mutants to the big screen) may step in to helm instead. 

‘Kick Ass 2’ Is Happening…But With ‘Never Back Down’ Director Jeff...

Universal has the exclusive rights to develop the project...unfortunetely, director Matthew Vaughn is being replaced by the "acclaimed" director of Never Back Down and Cry_Wolf.  Read more about the newly announced project after the jump.

Details on Hugh Jackman’s Cameo in ‘X-Men: First Class” Leaked

Everybody's favorite mutant badboy is in X-Men: First Class, and we got the details!

Another New ‘X-Men: First Class’ Trailer Reveals Seconds of New Footage

Fox releases another trailer for X-Men: First Class; prays no one will notice its the same exact footage we've already seen.

‘Kick Ass 2’ is Not in Development, At Least for the...

Screenwriter Jane Goldman has squashed plans for a second Kick Ass film, at least for now.  I think the sad face emoticon is the most appropriate one, don't you think?

New The Bad Batch Black Series Toys Revealed

On top of showing off the new Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary figures this morning, Hasbro has also shown off new toys from The Bad Batch! Star...