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5 Best Horror Bosses From Non-Horror Games

Typically, when Halloween swings around everyone wants you to play games that scare your pants off from beginning to end. Some people might not be fans of horror games, so we figured another way to get that thrill without jumping into the genre. Check out the 5 best Halloween inspired scenes from non-horror games.

Is Metal Gear Survive A Carefully Planned Spin-Off?

News hit the internet yesterday that a new Metal Gear was on the way, and no one really saw this coming.  While many expected Konami to continue the franchise without Kojima, nobody expected it so quickly. Despite the surprise factor and franchise name, the game is missing the mark with fans, but perhaps that was their plan all along?

Konami Unveils Trailer for Metal Gear Survive

Konami is continuing the Metal Gear brand without its creator, Hideo Kojima, with the reveal of their new project Metal Gear Survive.  Check out the trailer and learn more about the co-op game.

TFGP #57: Mad Max, Disney Infinity 3 and a Firenado

In this all new episode of TFGP we talk a little more about Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, and Eric gets his Toy-to-Life on with Disney Infinity 3.0.  Plus, it’s a lovely day for Kyle as he breaks down his time in the wasteland with Mad Max.  We also discuss the latest gaming and fandom news, and add a healthy dose of WTF for good measure.

Top 5 Metal Gear Solid Boss Battles

With Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain now unleashed upon us, we think it's a great time to look back at some of the most iconinc boss battles the franchise has thrown our way over the last couple decades.  Come inside to see if your favorite made the cut! 

TFGP EPISODE #56 MGS5:The Phantom Pain, Force Friday and Rick and...

In this new episode of TFGP we discuss our love of the recent Playstation Plus freebies, Grow Home and Super Time Force Ultra.

Eric breaks down why Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is freaking awesome. Eric also talks about his adventures during the recent Star Wars Force Friday. We finish things off with some Rick and Morty talk and an escaped King Cobra in Florida.

The Recap: Harry Potter, The Martian, Star Wars, and More!

This week Matt is hosting a new episode of The Recap, breaking down the week's biggest news from Star Wars, Metal Gear Solid, Harry Potter and plenty more.  Come inside to watch and catch up!



Metal Gear Solid Movie Gains A Writer

Metal Gear in movie form was announced years ago, but somewhat vanished from existance. While Konami and Kojima seem to be parting ways, the movie still found a way to float back to attention. Check out who will be writing the film.

Could Metal Gear Rising 2 Be Announced At E3?

There is a lot of rumors going around that a new Metal Gear Rising is on the way. The developers, Platinum Games, have denied the rumors, but things simply don't add up. Find out why we still think it is on the way.

Kojima Would Like To See Open World Remake Of Metal Gear...

Kojima has once again expanded his idea of a Metal Gear Solid 1 remake, but be careful not to get your hopes up so fast.

Celebrate The Holidays With Insight Editions And Star Wars

Bring the power of the Force to your needles with the first and only official Star Wars knitting book from Insight Editions, Star Wars:...