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Making the Jump to the Big Screen: Movies With Same Casts...

With popular television shows such as Downton Abbey or Breaking Bad soon releasing a feature film version, we take a look at how television-based...

The 20 Funniest Movies Ever Made

Comedy is very subjective but a great comedy will stand the test of time and continue to make generation after generation laugh. Some people like their humor dry, while some like it shocking and offensive. Whatever your taste, good humor will always be out there. Here are 20 great comedies that will no doubt continue to be appreciated in the future.

John Cleese Says That Political Correctness Has Ruined Comedy

 Legendary comedian John Cleese has weighed in on the tumultuous controversy about how political correctness is spoiling comedy. He fears that oversensitivity could lead to an “Orwellian” society where ideas are not freely exchanged.

The WGA Names the 101 Funniest Screenplays of All Time

Let’s end the year with a celebration of the funniest comedy scripts ever written. The Writer’s Guild of America has chosen the 101 best laugh-getting screenplays. Keep in mind that this is all about the writing, not the cast or the director.

Celebrating 40 Years of Monty Python and the Holy Grail

40 years ago, the British comedy sextet Monty Python released the hilarous Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Decades later, the film is still considered a comedy classic. Cinelinx looks back at the making of one of the great film parodies. It’s being released in certain theaters for special showings this week.

All Press Is Good Press: Protesting Films is Bound To Backfire


Whoever said that there’s no such thing as bad press knew what they were talking about. Despite the dismal reviews for the new film the Interview, the comedy about an attempt to assassinate Kim Jong-un hauled in $15 from online sales in a few days. The movie had very little buzz and low expectations before the controversy began. This proves that the best thing you can do to help a film is try to stop it.


Top Ten Funniest Scenes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The Monty Python troupe made a name for themselves with their unique blend of surrealist and slapstick humor. They brought their talents to the big screen numerous times, most notably in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Join us as we discuss the top ten funniest moments of this comedic masterpiece. 

Terry Gilliam Making a Seventh Attempt to Complete his Jinxed Don...


People who’ve seen the documentary Lost in La Mancha know about director Terry Gilliam’s ill-fated efforts to bring the story of Don Quixote to the screen. That film reported on just one of many attempts by Gilliam to bring the story of Quixote to life.  Now he’s announced a seventh attempt to complete the seemingly jinxed project.


Directors’ Trademarks: Terry Gilliam


Most directors have an identifiable style consistent with their approach and perspective. Each week Cinelinx will chose one director for an in-depth examination of the “signatures” that they leave behind in their work. This week, we examine the trademark style and calling signs of Terry Gilliam. 


Geek Pick of the Week: Block Print Ninjas

Our latest Geek Pick of the Week are some limited edition art prints featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in stunning hand-carved form. As...