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Mortal Kombat X’s New Story Trailer Asks ‘Who’s Next?’

The fighting game genre in general isn't particularly well known for their deep storylines, but Netherrealm Studios isn't letting that stop them from trying to tell an interesting story with Mortal Kombat X, and it's on full display thanks to the latest trailer.  Come inside to check it out!

Mortal Kombat X Collector’s Editions Revealed

With only a couple months to go before the release of Mortal Kombat X, the developers have revealed not one, but FOUR, different collector's editions that fans of varying degrees can enjoy. Come inside to check them all out!

Mortal Kombat: Conquest Coming to DVD for the First Time in...

Some of you may not remember the first live-action Mortal Kombat television show that aired in the late 90s, but that's okay!  Because for the first time ever, WB is finally bringing the complete series to DVD!  Come inside for all the details.  

TMP Reviews: Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 4

The fantastical finally arrives with the more subdued origin story of Kitana and Mileena.

First Official Clip From New Mortal Kombat Series

While fans have known that the new live-action Mortal Kombat web-series was in production for a while now, we've seen very little from this project.  There have been a handful of pictures released by the director, but other than that...it hasn't been much.  Well, now under a week away from it's launch fans get their first real look at this series, in a clip of Jax (Michael Jai White) and Kano (Darren Shahlavi) fighting.

Star Wars: Victory’s Price – An Alphabet Squadron Novel Has A...

Today we got our first look at the cover for "Star Wars: Victory's Price", the epic conclusion to the Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron trilogy! Looks...