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New Planet of the Apes Video Game Will Tell the Story...

Wondering what happened in the time between Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes?  This Fall you'll be able to PLAY those events in a brand new Planet of the Apes game, Last Frontier.  Today brings our first trailer and details for the game.  Come inside to check it out!  

5 Great Retro Game Movie Tie-Ins

These days, movie tie-in games have developed a poor reputation, and seen mostly as quick and dirty cash-ins than enjoyable gaming experiences.  That wasn’t always the case, however, and back in the day, gamers were treated to some amazing games based on their favorite films.  Today, I’m looking back at some of the most enjoyable retro games that happen to be movie tie-ins! 

Spidey Learns from Kraven in New Trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man...

Activision and Beenox have released a brand new trailer (featuring plenty of gameplay footage this time around) for their upcoming video game tie-in to The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  Curiously enough it features a voice over from Kraven the Hunter as he's seemingly teaching Spider-Man how to do things.  Come inside to check out the trailer plus new images from the game!

[Update With Official Press Release] The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Tie-In Game...

When there is a movie based on a comic book, there is normally a game based on the movie. That trend is continuing, but unlike other adaptations, this one is Spider-Man and we should be excited!

Awesome Video Games Based on Movies

I got to review a game recently and to many this chance wouldn’t be all that exciting. It was Captain America and after being punished by Sega with Thor I wasn’t too excited either. You see video games and movies have always had a very volatile relationship. Either Hollywood is messing up a video game by making it a movie that has nothing to do with the game. Or a developer is creating a really crappy game based off a movie to make a quick buck.

DC Universe Transitions Into an All Digital Comics Platform

After a lot of speculation, Warner Bros. has made it official. All original DC shows will make the jump to HBO Max as DC...