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Tolkien available on Blu-Ray this August

"J.R.R. Tolkien’s book The Hobbit set off a wildfire, singlehandedly dominating the fantasy adventure genre in the last century. The “Tolkien effect” echoes everywhere...

Middle-earth Comes to Life in the Trailer for Tolkien

The incredible story of the man who created one of the greatest tales of all time finally has a trailer!  See Middle-earth come to life throughout World War I in the trailer for Tolkien...

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Gets A New Director and Several Returning Castmembers

20th Century Fox is ready to continue the X-Men franchise!  They've found a familiar friend who will take up the mantle as director and re-signed a slew of previous cast-members, including Jennifer Lawrence, for X-Men: Dark Phoenix! 

Eddie Redmayne May Appear in New Fantastic Beasts Films

Variety reported that Eddie Redmayne could be in a Harry Potter spin-off.

Eric’s Blu Review: Jack The Giant Slayer

Bryan Singer has never been a filmmaker whose work I've celebrated and adored. It's not that his films aren't entertaining to some degree. However, they always seem to have an issue with pacing, which could just as well be blamed on the writers he chooses to work with. Most of them feel as if they lose their footing in the last act. His latest movie, Jack The Giant Slayer is no different.

The DOOM Eternal Collectors Edition is Fantastic! | 2nd Opinion Unboxing

Welcome to 2nd Opinion Productions! We are finally getting things back in line and making more gaming content for you all! Covid-19 has made...