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The Ten Best Neo-Westerns

A neo-western is a relatively new subgenre which utilizes attributes of classic westerns, but in a more modern setting. Here are 10 of the...

The 21st Century Western

The western has been one genre that has long resisted change, but newer releases illustrate how this type of film can adapt for the...

Casual Cinecast Returns with Pather Panchali and More!

After taking off a couple weeks, we're back with a "new" episode of Casually Criterion as we discuss Pather Panchali, No Country for Old...

Directors’ Trademarks: The Coen Brothers


Directors’ trademarks is a series of articles that examines the “signatures” that filmmakers leave behind in their work. This month, with the release of Hail, Caesar!, we’re examining the trademark style and calling signs of Joel and Ethan Coen as director.

Laugh it Up: Jawa Sharks, The Big Lebowski, Kick-Ass, and More


Sometimes, all it takes is a good joke to brighten up your day.  But for a movie fan, all it takes is a couple of weird crossovers, 30 second videos, and random images to make us happy.  Hey, we're simple folk.  But to find all this stuff, look no further than Laugh it Up, your weekly dose of LOL's and LMFAO's to put you in the right mind set.  Well it may not be the smartest of comedy...it will certainly put a smile on your face.

This week, we have Jaws, Kick Ass, and a whole lot of The Big Lebowski.

Javier Bardem discusses his non-existant ‘Bond role’


It's a very interesting business when an actor how hasn't signed on or even READ THE SCRIPT can discuss the subtle nuances of his role.  But Javier Bardem is freaking Anton Chigurh, so I'll let him do as he pleases.

Child of Light is a Solid, Albeit Familiar, Fantasy Tale |...

A brand new Fantasy adventure from Terry Brooks arrives this week with Child of Light, but is it worth picking up for your Fall...