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Legendary Comics Reveals Details For Pacific Rim: Blackout

Legendary Comics announced today a new anime companion graphic novel to Pacific Rim: Blackout, revealing the cover, and even a brand new Pacific Rim:...

Everything Is Canon: Gearbreakers

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks to Zoe Hana Mikuta all about her debut book, and it’s a good one, the...

Tuesday Toy Review: Catwoman, Yoda, and Gipsy Danger


So a cat barglar, a Jedi master and a giant robot walk into a bar. So we are back and closing out the new year with a menagerie of figures. Catwoman is an improvement in this line, Yoda is needing some impovements, but the Gipsy Danger is spot on!

Justina Ireland Discusses The High Republic: Mission to Disaster | Interview

We recently chatted with Justina Ireland about Star Wars: The High Republic - Mission to Disaster, the response to the publishing initiative, and what...